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The modern market of logistics services consists of many transport companies that offer customers different types of ship a car across country. In all this variety, it is important to choose a reliable company, trusting which you will never regret.

What does specialized equipment for cross car country shipping look like?

Car shipping cross country in different ways, the most common - car ship across country with the help of specialized trucks. Trucks, in turn, differ from each other, so if you need to seek help from a logistics company, it is important to understand their difference. Standard specialized equipment can accommodate one or two vehicles if they are small in size. Despite this, the fleet of specialized companies has car carriers used for shipping a car across country, because this method is cost-effective for both the company and the customer. Large trucks carry up to twelve vehicles. The car must be properly secured. It is usually fastened with seat belts, one on each wheel, and clamps are placed under the wheels.

Which cars are subject to transportation?

Answer: "Any vehicle". Companies, for example, ours, transport vehicles for any purpose and in any condition. However, when the car is not working or, for example, its wheels are missing, carriers must use their creativity. We believe that the basis for a reliable ship car cross country is proper communication with the carrier. The right choice of transport company, feedback, timely information and discussion of all the nuances between the two stakeholders together form a quality car transportation service.

How to choose a reliable carrier for transportation to another state

The organization of car transportation in any case is not an easy task, which involves high professionalism of the people involved. The transport company must control every process. Especially when it comes to calculations and documents, because the work involves interaction with a valuable cargo. In any case, each customer must demand timely ship a car across the country without losing the original quality. Even if the carrier uses all its resources, it must take them into account the possible risks.

Criteria for selecting a reliable carrier for transportation to another state

Well-established logistics are the key to the success of any transport company. It should be understood that logistics companies are intermediate and executive. Executive companies have a large team, which includes: operators, logisticians, drivers, mechanics, lawyers and others. Intermediates, in turn, collect the necessary information and documentation, they are intermediaries, ie accept the order and pass it to the carrier who performs it. When a company does not have its own fleet, it cannot control the whole process, which raises doubts about further cooperation. To choose a reliable shipping car across country, there are several important factors to consider: 

  • The representatives of the organization you contacted should offer the possibility of delivery by transport, which is subordinated to the company. Especially when it comes to shipping of cars across country. 
  • The company must provide answers to all questions that concern you. In addition, choose an individual package of services that meet your wishes and capabilities. 
  • A reliable logistics company has all the necessary permits to perform this work. Equally important is the availability of quality certificates that indicate the appropriate level of the company. 
  • A good carrier assists with paperwork and provides consulting and organizational support. 
  • Professional and reliable transport companies usually have several branches in shipping cars across country different cities and their own fleet. And also offer additional services. For example: assistance with the purchase or registration of insurance.

How to find out that the carrier is reliable

A reliable transport company is responsible for performing the service it offers. If so, you should check the transport company - but how to do it? Where to start?


This is the main element that indicates the responsibility of each transport company. To ensure that this company is able to respond quickly to the order and fulfill it without any problems within the allotted time, you should dispel your doubts about the following issues: 

  •  Does the company in question have its own fleet of cars - if any, this should be considered a big plus. A company that has its own vehicles ultimately has more control over the driver who makes the delivery. As a result, it means increased control over the progress of shipping a car cross country and its timely delivery. 
  • What kind of truck has a transport company? Check this in enough detail so that it does not appear that your car does not fit or is not intended for a ship car across country at the disposal of the carrier, or that the cost of its transportation will be much higher. This may be due to suboptimal use of space on the truck or the need to use a specialized vehicle for transportation. For example, your car will be loaded on a closed pit truck, which is used for shipping car across country, which is expensive and unique. The price of this car shipping across the country will be much higher than the standard, so take care of it in advance. 
  • Whether the carrier's equipment is new and modern - for you the condition of the truck is the first determining factor that guarantees timely ship the car across country. The newer the cars in the fleet, the greater the chances of reliability of the carrier, i.e. trouble-free and timely ship cars cross country. Here are also important technical means installed in the vehicles used. These include self-loading carts, which promote fast loading and unloading of the car, a double floor, which reduces transport costs by increasing the loading area to 40%, and navigation systems.

Experience of timely deliveries

It is worth checking the actual experience of the carrier. Ask for feedback from customers, especially those who have used similar service criteria. The efficiency and timeliness of deliveries should be carefully checked. This will increase the chance of choosing the best carrier. The company's experience also includes experienced drivers. If you can check how long drivers work in a company, it will give you more confidence in timely deliveries with such a company. Because an experienced driver in this field is a real treasure.

Delivery monitoring method

Find out if the company controls your vehicle during shipping a car across the country. If so, please check how exactly this is done. Answer the following questions: 

  • Will you be able to check the location of the vehicle currently carrying your car? 
  • Will you receive a special phone number that will allow you to contact a person who knows everything about your vehicle and who can provide you with all the necessary information around the clock.

Cargo insurance

Make sure your car is properly insured in case of any problems. The carrier must have insurance, but it is worth making sure, especially if we are applying for the service for the first time. If the transport company has adequate insurance, you do not have to worry that something will happen to our car during transportation. The policy covers any losses. Audit:
  • What insurance does the company that will transport your car have? You should carefully check the individual items in the carrier's liability insurance, which can sometimes be crucial for the payment of insurance.
  • What is the sum insured? If you order car shipping across country, the cost of which is significant, it is good to additionally insure it by purchasing car insurance, which in case of problems will significantly reduce losses. Our company completes all formalities related to the purchase of additional car insurance in cooperation. Therefore, with us you do not need to worry about anything.


It is worth asking about the certificates that the transport company has. They are a determining factor in guaranteeing and confirming the high quality of services provided by the transport company. All companies are registered on the relevant sites, so they are easily verified in terms of company registration documents.


An important indicator of trust in the transport company and its reliability are the comments of other customers who have already used the services of this company. It is important to pay attention not only to the percentage of positive comments, but above all to their number! Opinions are publicly available. Carriers, in turn, care about their reputation, so they especially care about shipping cars across country of customers with whom they enter into contracts.

What you need to pay attention to when transporting a car to another state

Information for the carrier

Information about the size and weight of the car is extremely important for carriers. Before choosing a transport company, make sure that they have the appropriate vehicle. To do this, you must provide the carrier with all information about the car. Sometimes it is enough to specify the model, then the carrier can check the parameters of your car. If you want to transport a damaged car, you must describe what is wrong with your vehicle. The key question is: does the car have serviceable wheels? This information is extremely important, because if the wheels are missing or not working, the vehicle will be loaded according to completely different standards.


Pay attention to the price offered by that who ship car across the country. It should not exceed the average on the market of similar services, should be transparent and fixed, ie without additional and unclear commission fees. A reliable company has tariff plans including tax on them. Taxes, in turn, vary from state to state. Therefore, study this question in detail to avoid inconvenience when accepting a job. Accordingly, a reliable company informs the customer in advance about the price (and all the nuances that affect it), which remains unchanged after the service. Pricing policy differs between companies, the factors that affect its increase remain unchanged. The previous ones include the distance covered by a specialized vehicle with the customer's car loaded on it, as well as additional services. For example: the customer's budget is significantly affected by the closed cross country car shipping service and door-to-door delivery.

Acceptance of work

After performing the service you need to sign a contract-agreement. In no case do not put your signature if you have not inspected the car for defects. You should make sure that the company did not damage your vehicle during ship cars across country. Carefully study all the details of your car beforehand to know its primary appearance and be able to compare. If you notice any abnormalities, scratches or splinters during the bypass, notify the company's hotline immediately. If there is a problem, wait for feedback from the carrier before signing the delivery point of your contract, because after your consent to the work performed, the carrier disclaims any responsibility.


A reliable company provides answers to all questions that concern the customer. Please note that the call to the hotline should be free and not oblige you to sign a deal. Therefore, when contacting a reliable company, you have the right to discuss all the details and request the information you need, including documents, certificates and tariff plans, free of charge.

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