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Maine is a state located in the northeastern region of the United States. There is an unusual place not far from the Freeport town β€” the desert right in the middle of a pine forest. This place is a local landmark, there is a gift shop, a farmer's museum, a sand museum, a 200-year-old barn. You can climb to the top of the White Mountains, visit one of the best ski centers in Sia Isl, as well as the Museum of Fine Arts in Rockland. Acadia National Park is also located in northern Maine. The main park attraction is the ring road, being located in the mountains of pink granite. You can visit the Capitol building, the Museum with a large collection of archeology, industry, state history, visit the oldest wooden fort of Old West FortIn the state capital. There are deposits of precious stones, lead, zinc, as well as gravel, sand, clay, limestone, peat and granite on the state territory. The important economy sectors are the woodworking, pulp and paper, textile, leather and footwear, clothing industries, shipbuilding. The headquarters of large semiconductor companies are located in Maine. 32,000 tons of lobster, more than 60,000 tons of fish and more than 20,000 tons of mollusks are caught here annually. The headquarters of several well-known US companies are located in Maine: Fairchild Semiconductor semiconductor manufacturer, Hannaford Bros. Co., Cole Haan and LLBean clothing manufacturer, one of the largest GPS-devices producer DeLorme. The famous writer Stephen King was also born in Portland, Maine.

Auto Transportation to and from Maine

Our TMShipping company transports cars from one US state to another.

The well-known proverb says β€œa car is not a luxury, but a means of transportation,” so autos will always be in demand, and therefore companies selling new or used cars will always need to replenish their both stocks and variety in order to maintain demand. Car transportation is both an integral and necessary part of the automotive business, a guarantee of maintaining stability and performance of a car dealership. The most convenient and safe way of transportation is an auto transporter - a universal truck designed to transport both passenger cars and more expensive cars - vans or tractors. With the help of the transporter, you can transport up to 12 cars at the same time, which will be firmly fixed on the trailer with special safety belts, guaranteeing the safety of vehicles during delivery. Do not worry - we will advise you on how to properly prepare a car for such a responsible business. Cleanliness, the presence of gasoline, oil drain β€” all these points will be clearly checked so that your car to reach its destination safe and sound.

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Reliable carriage by truck is a key service of the β€œTMShipping” official carrier. We are trusted by large dealers, leasing companies, individuals for 10 years. Our company provides only high-quality services, as we work with the most professional specialists only. We also provide you with a great service of door-to-door delivery β€” you no longer need both fuss and think about it. Make sure we are the best - call our specialists right now!

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