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Logistics advantages and vehicles shipping in New Mexico

New Mexico is a creative, vibrant, multifaceted state. All the traditions, including Indian, Mexican and Spanish, are carefully kept and honored here. The international flamenco dance festival is especially popular. Are you interested in art? Visit the modern art center located in metropolitan Santa Fe. The state’s main museum, the Georgia O’Keeffe Gallery, an inter-ethnic museum of folk art and a museum dedicated to American Indians are also located here. “Enchanting” lands are the name of the New Mexico state by its indigenous people. Do you want to feel yourself in the role of Indiana Jones, looking for some lost relic? You can try your luck in New Mexico, where the ancient nationality representatives once lived - the pueblo. The Roswell military base is a place of annual pilgrimage for UFO fans because it was here in 1947 that a statement was made about the discovery of alien origin traces. The classified discovery status still torments the minds of those who are not indifferent, even after attempts at refutation. The huge suspension bridge of the Rio Grande Gorge is located a little to the northwest of Taos, the largest cave complex, being cut into the Paharito Plateau are located to the west of New Mexico. The railway, running through both incredible and beautiful places, is an amazing place. The longest planet funicular is one of the most popular attractions. It is located in the Carlsbad Caves. There is well-developed tourism.

Сars are usually transported in two ways:

  1. On car transporter
  2. In container

Our experts recommend using auto transporters for short distances, and 20 and 40-foot containers for long routes when transporting expensive vehicles.

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What are the advantages of transporting a car in a container?

  • Reduced delivery times (our specialists can combine several types of transport to reduce the time of shipping, if necessary);
  • The most reliable transportation method (the container is protected by a seal, being removed in the presence of the customer, any external defects are impossible);
  • Our transporting vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking system, so our customers can track the location of their vehicles during the route.

Stages of placing a car in a container:

  • The conclusion of the contract for the car
  • Preparation of all the necessary shipping documentation
  • Loading a car into a container (a car drives up from a ramp under its own power, a vehicle's tire pressure is checked, other technical issues are followed to comply with the rules for placing cars in large-capacity containers)
  • Cargo fastening inside the container (the car is usually fastened using 4 stretch marks from wire, being attached to the bottom brackets of the container)
  • Registration of all the necessary documentation
  • Container filling, data transmission on the container to the consignor and consignee
  • Car shipping to the place of destination (door-to door delivery service is also possible)
  • Import customs clearance if necessary

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