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Easy, cheap and fast vehicles shipping methods in Connecticut

Connecticut is a small state with beautiful green hills, numerous lakes, old towns and churches. In summer, you can go to the coast — there are many picturesque resorts, where everything you need for swimming, sailing and fishing can be found. Also, there are a lot of beautiful hiking trails for both hiking and horse trekking. In the fall you can spend time enjoying the beauty of the local forests and hills. Moreover, most local resorts can be quickly reached by train from New York and other major cities on the Atlantic coast. If you are a connoisseur of architectural monuments, then do not hesitate to visit Connecticut! Many cities in the state are open-air museums. New England colonial-style houses, more like castles, and snow-white churches make a good showing on tourists.

How to prepare a car for transportation in Connecticut?

First, the study of the shipping vehicle technical condition will be carried out. It must be equipped with special pads and straps, as well as be in both good and clean condition. It is necessary to check the loading platform for elements that could damage the vehicle underside or its tires.

In fact, car shipping to another state is a rather laborious process. Therefore, the preparatory stage is one of the most important. The transported vehicle must be free from any other objects, traces of technical fluids, debris and be in proper clean condition. All the car faults must be repaired, the battery should be both charged and fixed, the fuel tank must be filled with up to 5-8 liters of gasoline. At the loading stage, a thorough car inspection by the driver-forwarder takes place. Then the car drives into the loading platform, where the hull is fastened with the help of both stop pads and fastening belts. A direct car carriage is carried out in accordance with the specific requirements already discussed. So, the driver cannot change the already established route and stop outside the specialized parking zones. The car is inspected by the recipient at the final stage of unloading.

Our auto transportation advantages

The TMShipping company provides a wide range of services for car transportation from one state to another, being delivered “door to door” by using reliable vehicles. Such a complex process as the car shipping is our daily work, we always successfully cope with.

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Our highly qualified employees will help you choose the best auto transporter, issue all the necessary documents and insurance, safely loading the car onto the platform and securely fixing it to ensure proper control and security in the future. Before direct loading, our employees will inspect the car for external defects and damages, including this in the documentation. The implementation of these activities will allow us to transport cars to Connecticut as soon as possible, and the customer will save his time and financial resources.

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