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Ways for both quick and reliable vehicles' shipping methods in Montana by TMShipping

The Montana state is a mountainous state; there are more than seventy ranges of the Rocky Mountains in both central and western parts of Montana. Picturesque landscapes, lakes, mountains, glaciers, forests, waterfalls of the national park attract a lot of travelers, hikers and adventurers. There are a part of Yellowstone Park and a bison reserve here. Caves Lewis and Clark are known among the tourists. The 19th-century architecture has been preserved - mansions, old mining villages, churches in the state cities. The main state economy sectors are mining, agriculture and tourism. Montana is not accidentally called the "State of treasure", the state is extremely rich in minerals. Coal, oil, and natural gas are mined in the plains of eastern Montana; Gold, silver, copper, lead, tungsten are in the mountains of the state western part. Montana is the largest talc supplier in the United States and the only one for both platinum and palladium. The state has a well-developed oil processing industry, the production of timber and wood products. There is a US Air Force Malmstrom base not far from the city of Great Falls. The Minuteman intercontinental ballistic missile launchers are located here. The most important economic sector of Montana is tourism. "The big sky country", as it often called, is visited annually by millions of tourists. The state has several extremely popular tourist attractions, both natural and related to Montana history.

Preparing Your Vehicle for shipping by TMShipping

Road transport is the only one, allowing the “door to door” cars delivery. The consignor issues a through bill of lading to the carrier and then the document accompanies the consignment to the consignee.

The bill of lading must specify:

  • both name and location of the Shipper;
  • port of discharge;
  • both name and location of the consignee;
  • information about the cargo - name, place, weight, features.

The carrier notes (in the bill of lading):

  • carrier's name;
  • port of loading;
  • the number of bills' of lading originals;
  • both date and place of the bill of lading.

A bill of lading is not a type of legal document, but a type of security, confirming cargo's ownership. Only the original bill of lading has legal force, but not a screenshot or an electronic copy.

Advantages of car shipping in Montana by TMShipping

  1. Address delivery. We can deliver your vehicle to the specified address (door-to-door delivery). A wide network of road routes from one state to another allows us to provide you with such an opportunity. Almost all state settlements have roads.
  2. A high speed of transportation, which is ensured by both vehicle maneuverability and its high speed. We can develop the most optimal route for transportation thanks to the professional work of our logisticians. Obviously, air transport is much faster, but a special landing site is needed for the aircraft, while the car has the ability to drive almost anywhere. As a rule, vehicles are loaded into the car body once, which also saves time.

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