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Deciding which auto haulers to trust with delivering your vehicle cross country can be a stressful decision - especially since cars are one of the most valuable assets people possess. Our team handles nationwide shipping and can provide you with a professional carrier service that fits your needs, as well as the most cost-effective ship car quotes. Whether you are a car owner or a dealer; whether you need Open or Enclosed transportation; whether your vehicle is operable or not; whether it is large or small – we can organize safe, speedy and reliable service at competitive car shipping rates with one of many moving companies we collaborate with. These are all important factors to take into account to help you in making your vehicle hauling choice.

Car shipping rates

As a highly experienced team of professionals TMShipping LLC will make sure to provide you with the least stressful approach for your vehicle transportation and the best car shipping quotes to ship your car cross country. All you need is to take a few quick steps – just fill out the Application Form below and you will receive an instant Vehicle Shipping Quote directly to your email - our car shipping quote calculator will determine the most precise cost to transport your car. Then - unless you have any questions - proceed to ‘Book now’ online and we’ll do the rest!

We guarantee an individual approach for each customer – we’ll take you through the whole process step by step, proving the most cost-effective rates for shipping a car.
We’ll be your main point of contact from beginning to end. We work only with highly rated, licensed and insured carrier companies that have proven their reputation over the years.
We understand the importance of your car safety throughout the auto hauling process and will find the most reliable auto hauler for you, as well as offer you the most optimal car ship quote for ship your car.

We need just a few details about your auto shipment to select the most reliable open or enclosed car hauler company that suits your individual needs. Find out an average cost for shipping your car across country by getting a car transport quote from us by using the car shipping calculator. Let’s get it done right!

Quotes for shipping

Road transport is an important part of the logistics system, it must have many necessary properties and meet certain requirements to create innovative collection and distribution systems. First of all, motor transport must be flexible enough to provide the road transport process with weekly or even daily regulation, guarantee frequent and fast deliveries of vehicles to scattered and remote points, reliably serve customers to avoid business downtime or shortage of customers.

Are you planning to buy a car in another state and you need to transport it? You may change your place of residence, but due to lack of time you cannot transport your "iron horse" on your own. Whatever the reason, in such cases the best solution is to contact a specialized company that will transport your vehicle quickly, safely and reliably. Road transport is one of the most popular ways to deliver cars. It is applied both to domestic, and international transportations. Auto transportation quote for such transport depends on many factors. Therefore, you need to choose a profile company that clearly indicates which quotes for shipping a car. In this article you can find out and calculate for yourself the average cost of transporting a car and what determines the quotes for car shipping.

What affects the cost?

Carriers are companies or private entrepreneurs that provide similar services. In many companies shipping quote for car are determined individually, much depends on various factors. An important factor is the level of the transport company, its capacity and technological equipment. We are talking mainly about the stations that sell such transport. Some companies regularly invest in marketing, constant updating, repairs, maintenance of the technical condition of the fleet, which  increases maintenance costs.


An important role is played by the vehicle to be transported to the final destination. Its type, class, weight and size, taking into account the previous data, the company chooses the best mode of transportation, which may differ in shipping vehicle quote, for example, transportation of a large SUV, which was used not the first year, will require different transportation conditions and another ship auto quote.


The car transporter quote is influenced by the territorial boundaries within which you want to deliver the car. Thus, the auto shipping quote for continental and international transportation will be different.

The area where the car is commissioned will affect the quote to transport car. It is obvious that it will be cheaper to transport vehicles within the country and it will be more expensive to perform road transport at the international level. It all depends on the number of kilometers and additional costs, such as driving on the highway, albeit 1 km, but the further - the cheaper.


It all depends not only on the number of kilometers, but also additional fees, for example, for passing checkpoints, the need for insurance and customs clearance. Very often in the case of international transportation, the account includes car transportation quotes, an export declaration and a financial guarantee.

Fast transport

Express delivery provides a key service for customers who are in a forced state, and the delivery date depends, for example, on material losses. Depending on the distance and area of the unloader, different resources are used to perform expedited delivery. This is possible, but such a service significantly affects the final quote for shipping a car. It also depends on the size of the company, the number of drivers and the distance you need to travel to park the vehicle.

Additional Services

If the fleet involves additional services or special equipment, the cost of road transport may be higher. For example, this includes tracking the truck on the map, insurance, loading and unloading the vehicle, changing the places of reception or delivery, changing routes, ensuring the safety of cargo, and so on. All this will increase the cost of road transport.

Type of car carrier

The type of vehicle and its cost will affect the quote for car shipping. The cost of servicing precious goods in a closed and open body may differ. For this reason, the cost of such transportation must be personal. Car capacity is also very important. The bigger it is, the higher the quote for shipping car, but it holds more goods.

Transportation of the car by tow truck quote

Most often, tow trucks are vehicles or trucks adapted to transport damaged vehicles. They consist of a cockpit, behind which there is a loading platform on the hull. Some of them are also equipped with towing winches. It is also important to note that the car is designed for tow trucks. Most often, these are yellow vehicles with appropriate markings: an orange cab beacon, traffic lights for safety on all sides of the tow truck and reflective alarms. There are two types of car carriers: closed and open. People who want to order such transport are often asked what the cost of a tow truck is for the number of distances traveled and per kilometer. We have checked this and are ready to provide you with detailed information.

Depending on the type, the car carrier allows transport from one car to several. To secure the car to the tow truck, you need two people - one drives the vehicle to the tow truck, and the other helps him, for example, by reporting whether everything is going well. The tow truck should always be entered with the axle on which the engine is located, i.e. in most cases at the front. This method dork is designed to properly load the front of the trailer. The car should be brought as close as possible so that about 10% of the car's weight is towed. The car should be secured to the trailer with transport belts. The belts should be worn on at least 3 wheels, preferably on all. In addition, transport workers can use wheel locks if they are in poor condition. Before traveling, workers must check that all seat belt buckles dork are secured and that the belts are in good condition - any abrasions are unacceptable, after which the seat belts must be approved.

In most cases, domestic transportation by tow truck does not create special problems and can be carried out by small companies. International transportation is more complex, and in this case they are often transferred to professional carriers who have extensive experience in this field. Transportation of cars in this way can save a lot. First of all, it saves time, because you can do your business when the carrier is transporting your vehicle. Secondly, you save money - you do not need to rent a tow truck, buy seat belts, refuel and take time off work. Get acquainted with the current destination, spend on food and accommodation. In addition, you can be sure that the vehicle will be transported safely, and in case of any damage you will receive compensation from the carrier's insurance. No one will pay compensation for any damage during self-transportation.

Additional equipment for tow trucks - systems of mutual exchange of information

The best roadside assistance companies always equip their vehicles with additional very useful and functional devices. One of them is a system of mutual exchange of information, which allows to properly control the traffic situation on the routes. The GPS device allows you to quickly get data on: traffic accidents, accidents, detours or other difficulties. This system is useful for retard roadside assistance companies because it provides quick access to the customer and tracks the movement of the truck throughout the journey.

What does a quote to ship car depend on?

It should be noted that there are many factors that affect the final cost of a service. Quotes for shipping cars on short (ie 200-300 km) routes are usually about 60 cents per kilometer, but they can be much higher. In the case of such sections, the cost of the order depends not only on the number of kilometers traveled, but above all on the time required to perform the service, its type and in particular the loading and unloading of the vehicle. On the other hand, when booking trips on routes longer than 300 km, you can expect an average rate of less than 60 cents per kilometer. In addition, a qualified carrier usually adds an amount to unload and load the car.

Cost reduction

If you want the lowest transportation costs, you should look for a company that regularly runs a certain route. It is possible that he will pick up your car on the way back from another task, instead of returning with an unloaded truck. It is also likely that the carrier will take them extra if it has a larger tow truck that can hold several vehicles. In such a situation, you can usually count on attractive quotes for shipping cars, often much lower than ship car quotes from standard company price lists.

Savings that will not help

In any case, you should not reduce the auto ship quote on the experience of the company and its professionalism, because only a competent carrier can guarantee you a reliable service. Your car must be properly insured during transportation so that in case of adverse situations, the company will reimburse you for repair costs. Remember, if you want to save on choosing a company, you may encounter bitch a situation that will bring you much more costs than you wanted to save.

Shipping cars quotes may vary depending on the chosen transport company, route, type, weight and size of the vehicle being transported, etc. However, the most important issue is to find a transport company that performs its task well. It is possible that he will pick up your car on the way back from another task (instead of returning empty). It is also possible that the company will benefit from adding your car to open transportation if it has a large truck that holds several vehicles. If you find such a company, bitch you have a good chance of getting a significant discount and paying much less than standard car transporter quotes. The quotes on shipping a car in this section refer to the average value for this type of service, where the car owner very often finds a carrier who returns with the tow truck "empty". As a result, they are 30% -60% lower than the standard price list offers. The quotes on shipping a vehicle described by us refer to the order for transportation of only one car.

When placing the car on retard the tow truck, first of all, we make sure that it is straight, and the part with the engine is placed in front, so that all the weight is transferred to the rear of the truck. Note that in most cars, the power unit is at the front. When loading a car on a tow truck dork , companies use the help of several people who do not allow the car to slip. Then all wheels are immobilized, using straps for their fastening.

The quotes for auto transport we provide are average statistics. If you want to evaluate the exact transport of your car, you can do so very easily by contacting our company's hotline. Just call and tell the operators the route and make of the car, after which you will receive shipping quotes for vehicles from a verified carrier that regularly transports cars on different routes.

How to bring shipping quote for car

Road transport, especially international transport, is often a problem. Mainly because road transport requires several troublesome formalities. More attention is paid to the condition of the car (every scratch matters) because it cannot be protected. You should also remember to provide proof of ownership of the car.

When transporting cars, it is very important to properly secure the vehicle to the tow truck. Pay attention to the uniform balance of the entire load, as well as its mass. It is the introduction of the damaged vehicle into the tow truck must be carried out accurately and slowly to prevent slipping, tilting or damage to the car and the tow truck itself. Thus, the technique of the truck is to place the vehicle in front, which allows you to get the heaviest axle of the car in the center of the platform. Only then do you start tying the wheels with special straps with buckles that can withstand loads of up to several tons.

As for the type of hooks, there are standard hooks with double claws, standard nuts with grooves, hooks with single claws, and swivel hooks. Road transport companies are always equipped with only certified work tools.

How to find a trucking company?

There are several ways to find a carrier. You can use a search engine and call the following companies from the list of results, which can take a long time. Another suggestion is to look for ads in local newspapers, but the chances of finding a suitable contractor in this way are not great. Therefore, the recommended, fast and effective method of finding the best carrier is to use appropriate websites where there are only proven carriers. In addition, such platforms allow you to place ads for people who need to transport a car. That is, you place a request from your person and the carrier responds to it and retard offers its services. In the dry balance, transport orders are reviewed by persons registered on the website, and if they are interested in advertising, they submit a proposal to the customer to use their services. It is easy, convenient and free to use similar exchanges. The platform allows you to effectively find a company willing to perform a particular service for a particular ship a vehicle quote.

What are brokerage services?

Brokers are intermediaries between the customer and the transport company. You need to understand that they do not perform transportation, they issue it and transfer it to the executive companies. Intermediary companies that specialize in car transportation provide their customers with the most interesting offers for services. In addition, they often offer cost-effective offers and can check the condition of the car on the spot and help to complete the formalities associated with the import of the vehicle. The disadvantage of applying to a brokerage firm is the lack of control at all stages. That is, they formally control the workflow, but remotely. In turn, transport companies receive clear reports on the performance and location of trucks with cars. The cost of the services of a professional broker is several hundred dollars. This is not much, given that for self-transportation of the car you need to pay for fuel, food and accommodation. Nevertheless, we recommend that you contact the carrier directly so that the order fulfillment information comes from the first source.

The cost of transporting a used car

Standard transportation is by means of an open type of tow truck attached to a truck. This method is cost-effective for both the company and the customer. Companies save fuel costs and depreciation of equipment, because with the help of an open tow truck you can transport up to twelve cars, depending on its capabilities. The customer, in turn, receives a profitable service. Despite the fact that "next door" retard the customer's car will be other vehicles, this type of transportation is quite safe, because the companies perform everything in accordance with the prescribed standards. Loading and unloading work is performed carefully. This service is relevant among owners of used cars or vehicles in a non-working condition. Tariff plans within the continental United States start at $ 600.

The cost of transporting a new car

A new vehicle differs from a used car in that it has never been driven or registered. Therefore, it is extremely important for the owner of such a car not to cause him damage and not to accumulate new kilometers on the odometer arrow before he first sees his purchase. There is no significant difference between the transportation of a new and used car, because it all depends on the wishes of the customer and what type of transportation he will choose. If we talk about the closed type of transportation, its quote to ship a car 1100 dollars and above.

The cost of transporting the car to the terminal

The standard car transportation service is provided to specialized terminals. With this method, the customer has the opportunity to transfer and pick up your vehicle at the terminal that is closest to the desired place of departure and arrival. Car transport quote is unchanged, according to the open or closed type of transportation.

How does it work?

You determine the date of disembarkation of the car in our terminal, and you have up to 48 hours after its delivery to pick it up from the place of arrival. Your car is stored on a secure platform before and after its transfer by the carrier. In addition, such actions may be performed by a vehicle representative (owner or person responsible for the vehicle whose name will be indicated on the invoice), i.e. you do not have to be present to receive the vehicle. In this case, the customer may delegate his powers to a person entrusted to him.

The main technical and operational characteristics of road transport:

  • maneuverability and high mobility;
  • door-to-door delivery of the vehicle without additional overload or overflow;
  • car autonomy;
  • high speed of delivery;
  • wide scope of application on a territorial basis, types of car carriers and communication systems;
  • shorter way of comparison in comparison with a natural way of water transport;
  • High mobility, ease of movement and the ability to respond quickly to changes in passenger demand allow vehicles to often stay out of competition when traveling on local routes.

Relative disadvantages of road transport:

  • high cost; (ten times higher than rail, water and other modes of transport);
  • high demand for fuel, metal consumption;
  • the highest intensity of work;
  • pollutes the environment;
  • low level of efficiency due to low average load capacity of the car.

The impact of the transport process on road transport may have problems in the internal environment associated with the organization of labor. The disadvantage is the maintenance of safety during loading and unloading of vehicles, directly during trucking. At this stage of transportation, there are frequent cases of damage to the cars themselves.

The cost of transporting the car from door to door

Unlike transport from terminal to terminal, we collect and deliver the vehicle to your chosen addresses (or within 2-3 kilometers if the truck cannot get into it). Again, you can appoint a trusted person to send and arrive your car. In addition to all this, there is comfort for drivers in the form of monitoring equipment. Many cars have on-board computers, with which drivers send confirmation of delivery immediately after unloading. That is why the customer can be confident in their delivery.

Please note that broken vehicles can only be transported on a tow truck attached to the truck on a door-to-door basis. Each company's tariff plans for this service are different, so we advise you to contact the hotline of your chosen carrier and clarify its cost.

Road transport - additional load

Loading is a transport service, which consists in loading the customer's car to a vehicle with free cargo space and transporting it directly to the recipient. This requires finding a truck with a suitable free cargo space, similar to our route. Car quote shipping is determined and distributed proportionally among several customers, as the truck can load up to 10 cars.

Advantages and disadvantages

Replenishment is characterized by attractive shipping cars quote compared to special transport. This is because its value is shared between several customers. It is much cheaper than combined transport, and is almost like a special road transport. The disadvantage is that it is not always possible to find the right vehicle at the moment that interests us. An additional disadvantage is the longer delivery time than special transport, due to the loading and unloading time that accompanies the cargo.

How is quote car shipping formed, according to the needs of the company?

When calculating the vehicle shipping quote, companies often use one of three methods: cost, demand or imitation. The cost method is the simplest (and therefore easily accessible) and is based on the definition of shipping vehicle quotes by adding to the unit cost of service the expected return and return on invested capital. In turn, the simulation method creates a specific amount based on car transport retard quotes for services offered by competitors. The costs of driving a truck are divided into fixed costs (which do not depend directly on the total number of kilometers traveled by the company's trucks) and variable costs (related to the use of vehicles).

Fixed costs

Fixed costs are costs that are not related to the operation of trucks. These include: structural costs (management salaries, non-profit operations, ancillary services, information systems, etc.), fleet depreciation, insurance and taxes.

Variable costs

These fees are directly related to the operation and use of trucks. Examples include: drivers' wages, fuel, tire and fleet maintenance and repairs.


The relative share of each cost fluctuates over time. For example, car transporting fuel quotes in 2019 were different from what we have today. Similarly, the relative share of drivers' wages varies depending on the year and the economic situation of the country.


High demand in key seasons can increase quotes to transport car on some routes, as even carriers need vacations. There are seasonal changes that can affect the shipping cost of your car, sometimes dramatically. For example, it can be difficult to book and more expensive to deliver a vehicle before Christmas, New Year or Easter.

Location: features

Most companies specialize in door-to-door service. In some cases, approaching the door may result in additional costs due to toll roads or general difficulties in accessing certain places. Some hauliers are unable to pass steep hills, which leads to additional costs for moving the vehicle.

Safety when fixing the car

Proper attachment of the vehicle to the trailer is very important, it is even crucial for the safety of cars located directly behind the trailer. The legislator determines the minimum condition that must be met when planning the carriage of a car. The fact is that the actual weight of the trailer should not exceed the weight of the tow truck, i.e. the truck in this case. A tow truck with a total weight not exceeding 3.5 tonnes may be driven by a person holding a category B driving license. When a vehicle exceeds 3.5 tonnes, a category B + E driving license is required. Therefore, not everyone can take this vehicle to transport your car yourself.

Transport prices are always individual

Although transport companies have their own price lists, remember that the final shipping car quote always depends on individual arrangements. When ordering transport of your car, keep in mind that the cheapest quote on shipping a car is not always accompanied by the best performance. The obvious savings in this matter, unfortunately, can turn against you even with the slightest violation.

The firm that provides such work has a significant impact on transportation costs. It is she who decides which bet to set. In almost all cases, this cost is determined individually, as they depend on many conditions. Some companies regularly change machines, always service them, repair them, worry about their technical condition, which increases the cost of maintenance.

Practical illustration of the cost of road transport (the case of vehicle logistics)

In addition to this breakdown of costs, the cost of the truck depends primarily on the speed of empty trips and the speed of the vacuum in the truck (filling rate).

Example: A truck carries six cars from point A to delivery terminal B. Assume that the distance from A to B is 500 kilometers and costs up to $ 600.

Case 1: The unit cost of transporting a car is: 2 X 600 dollars / 6 = 200 dollars

Case 2: Consider now that the truck was able to load ten cars instead of six (due to the capacity of its tow truck), the unit cost of transporting the car is: 2 X 600 dollars / 10 = 120 dollars.

Case 3: Finally, keep in mind that the truck is able to reposition and change its final destination to point C 100 km from Terminal B to load and deliver vehicles to another location. The cost of the trip between B and C is estimated at $ 100. Thus, the unit cost of transporting a car from A to B becomes: (600 + 100) / 10 = 70 dollars.

This very basic example shows that in addition to the factor of forming a shipping quote vehicle, different situations can affect.

Important information

  • Quote shipping car: the amount of money a customer has to pay for a good service. This is an element of the market that allows balancing supply and demand.
  • Cargo: the fee specified in the contract or quote to ship a vehicle through the carrier.
  • Car transporters quotes: list of shipping quote for vehicle services.
  • Percentage: the equivalent of a vehicle moving at a distance of one kilometer, regardless of the use of its capacity.
  • Kilometer is loaded: each kilometer of the course of the car during which the set load is transferred - a one-way pass (most often when the load is addressed to a place from which it is possible to receive return cargo therefore there is no need to compensate the carrier of return costs "with an empty truck").
  • Mileage: each kilometer of the vehicle's course associated with the implementation of a given load (usually calculated when the load is addressed to a place from which it is difficult to get a return load. Therefore, you need to compensate the carrier and return "empty" or only the risk of such return).
  • Tono Cyclometer: the equivalent of moving one ton of load over a distance of one kilometer (or another, any load label, then, for example, a paleto cyclometer). This is a measure of transport work.

When transporting goods, for example cars, almost only contractual car shipping quotes are valid on the market, not the tariff. As a rule, it is assumed that the car transportation quote for most distances (larger loads) is less than or not equal to the car shipping quote at a distance of smaller (smaller loads) - short and long position.

How to optimize transportation costs?

Trucking companies that operate both locally and internationally, with their own fleet, as well as those that provide transportation services, see problems in the effectiveness of the solutions used and more and more organizations are struggling with the problems of transportation management. They complain about the low efficiency of both commissioned vehicles, mainly the large proportion of empty routes, which leads to unnecessary costs. Looking for the best carrier for cooperation on the stock exchange, the manufacturer has not only its own list of well-known companies, but also a huge network of potential contractors who compete for new orders for goods. This increases the chances of getting the best car ship quote and real savings. Using the services of a limited group of transport or forwarding companies on the basis of contracts does not make it possible to compare or agree on quotes car shipping offered by service providers with market averages.

Here is a quote for car shipping brief summary of the basic information described above

Here is a brief summary of the basic information described above.

Please note that shipping costs do not always include all transport factors. For road transport from point A to B, plus customs clearance will always be included in the ship a car quote. However, keep in mind that special handling of the vehicle will always lead to additional costs. Therefore, you should consult with the chosen freight forwarder, or, for example, you need a truck with an elevator, or you want to pick up the goods at a specific and convenient time for you.

Truly yours, TMShipping LLC
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