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Ways for both quick and reliable vehicles' shipping methods in South Carolina

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No Up front deposit required

You do not pay a penny until your vehicle has been assigned to a carrier and a pick-up time has been scheduled. Have you ever been paid up front for work that you perform for your employer? So why would you pay a fee up front when there are reliable and trustworthy companies like ours that will not charge you until we assign your shipment to a carrier for pick-up?

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Preparation for auto transportation to and from South Carolina

Car transportation is both an integral and necessary part of the automotive business, a guarantee of maintaining stability and performance of a car dealership. The most convenient and safe way of transportation is an auto transporter - a universal truck designed to transport both passenger cars and more expensive cars - vans or tractors. With the help of the transporter, you can transport up to 12 cars at the same time, which will be firmly fixed on the trailer with special safety belts, guaranteeing the safety of vehicles during delivery. Do not worry - we will advise you on how to properly prepare a car for such a responsible business. Cleanliness, the presence of gasoline, oil drain — all these points will be clearly checked so that your car to reach its destination safe and sound.

Our cars shipping advantages

  • Favorable rates;
  • The minimum delivery time;
  • Timely delivery of your vehicle;
  • Car safety.
  • The wide territorial coverage including all the US states.

Additional services:

  • Car insurance;
  • Registration of permits package;
  • Organization of car escort (if necessary);
  • Changing the delivery point during transportation;
  • Door-to-door delivery service;
  • Vehicle movement monitoring;
  • Notification of arrival at the point of delivery.

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