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Ways for both quick and reliable vehicles' shipping methods in Delaware

Delaware is a small state with an area of only 6.5 thousand It attracts tourists all year round with its mild climate and richness of historical sights, neat and friendly small towns, cozy villages and long sunny beaches on the ocean coast. Here you can retire with your family or drive around the entire state by car - an unforgettable vacation is guaranteed in any case. Residents prefer cockfighting among all the favorite American "entertainments". Hence another state nickname - “The State of the Blue Rooster”.
Despite the fact the Delaware state has quite a small territory, it is often called a "small miracle" or even a "diamond state." Delaware received these nicknames not only because of the picturesque nature but also because of its both versatile and sufficiently powerful economy. The state has a well-developed service sector, industry, agriculture and tourism.

Here you can find a lot of good recreation areas, such as resort areas of Lewis and Rehoboth Beach (the latter is often called the "nation's summer capital" because of its great popularity among residents), Bethany Beach and Fenwick Island.

Auto Transportation to and from Delaware

Ordering a car shipping is the most popular solution for car transportation over long distances from one state to another, representing the optimal choice in terms of reliability, cost of transportation and time spent. Each company exposes its individual requirements in preparing the car for transportation. When ordering an auto transporter through our service, you can familiarize yourself with the list of requirements of a particular company, but their general list is as follows:

  • The car must be clean so that you can easily inspect for both scratches and dents before shipping. It is also recommended providing a car for inspection in the daytime and take photos of cars in advance.
  • It is better to equip the car seat with protective materials.
  • There should be up to 5 liters of fuel in the car tank, the batteries must be fully functional and charged. You also need to turn off all the security systems.
  • All the vehicles equipped with an adjustable suspension must be placed in the “movement” position.
  • Remove everything from the car roof — ski bindings, removable luggage racks, antennas. We also recommend folding the side windows.

It will not be superfluous to put a jack, spare tire and spare set of keys in the car trunk.

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The cost calculation is possible only when providing accurate information about your car and the route of delivery.
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