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Ways for both quick and reliable vehicles' shipping methods in Oklahoma by TMShipping

Oklahoma is a state located in the central part of the United States. The capital is Oklahoma City. Oklahoma attracts tourists with its diversity of flora and fauna. The city has ten skyscrapers. In 2012, it was the opening of the "Devon" tower, whose height is equal to 257 meters. You can get to the monument to the Wild West by water taxi along the canal. It consists of 45 men, women and children, carts with horses, symbolizing the settlers figures. You can also visit the seven-story botanical garden here. Indian villages are located in Anadarko, where both traditions and beliefs are still observed. The architecture of the Guthrie city is made in the Victorian style. Here you can visit the Masonic Temple, the Salon “Blue Beauty” or one of the 2000 well-preserved buildings of the past. The state economy center is Tulsa. The main directions of the state economy - energy, aircraft manufacturing, oil refining, food industry. Oklahoma is a strategically important producer of natural gas. The state is in second place in America in terms of gas production. Moreover, oil, iodine, zinc, granite, limestone, gypsum and coal are mined here. Mechanical engineering, oil refining, food, chemical industry are developed. Parts of the aircraft, towing vehicles, construction, mining equipment are also produced in the city. The leading position is occupied by livestock, in particular, meat and dairy products. Recently, fishing has gained rapid development. Tourism makes a significant contribution to the state economy.

Auto Transportation to and from Oklahoma by TMShipping

When organizing international road transport, our company offers customers the following additional services:

  • coordinating car delivery with the sender;
  • warehouse services' organization (loading, unloading, picking, storage);
  • car tracking while following a route, providing information to the client about the real vehicle location at any time;
  • car insurance;
  • vehicle protection.

Our advantages

Customers who are interested in transporting cars are wondered in the quick delivery of their vehicles. Cooperation with the information service of our TMShipping company will help both sides of shipping. The main service function is the operative communication of car owners, recipients and our specialists.

A simplified freight request is convenient for the customer, in which the name, the cargo weight in tons, the loading place, the delivery point are indicated. We also provide a door-to-door delivery service. The speed of the application, price competition between carriers become advantages for the consignee. We are waiting for your call!

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