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Shipping a car across the USA

How is the reliability of shipping a car across the US measured? A serious question to which it is very difficult to find an answer. Especially if you are not familiar with the nuances of this type of service. However, shipping a car across the USA may be needed by every car owner. For example, when buying or selling, during a breakdown on the way or for organizing competitions, exhibitions, etc. This service is used daily by both private and corporate clients. But they have the same questions when choosing an organizer and a transportation contractor.

What can help in choosing a responsible carrier for shipping car across USA

The first is public opinion. Of course, even if a company is very good, it cannot have 100% positive reviews. But still, their number must prevail over negative reviews from real users. To obtain such information, you should use independent sites or thematic forums.

It will not be superfluous to study the history of the company to understand the scope of its experience. It is better if the choice falls on an organization that deals with specialized car shipping across USA. A separate plus if the player in the services market will work in an international format. The wider his field of activity, the higher the percentage that he will cope with shipping a car across USA quickly and efficiently. After all, such carriers do not have a small partner base, which extends not only to related structures, but also to state authorities.

Transportation documents

Of course, only an officially licensed company will accompany the service with paper nuances. We are guided by them. After contacting the firm, the client should be asked to draw up the next set of papers.

  1. Contract. Founding document. It will secure all the rights and obligations of the parties, which will protect them under any circumstances. The contract must be clear and understandable. It prescribes: terms, amounts, features of car shipping across the US, route, etc.
  2. Car transportation papers. A car is an expensive property that will go on a long journey without an owner. And here it is very important that there is a whole list of documents for a calm shipping car across USA. Sometimes they are drawn up by the owner himself. But it is much easier to entrust this moment to the carrier company. And here, his interdepartmental connections, which were mentioned above, will come in handy.
  3. Insurance policies. The car must be protected comprehensively and insurance is needed here. The company often insures the cargo against its mistakes without attracting additional funds from the client. But the insurance policy against all other accidents is offered as an option for an additional fee.

No decent company will ever offer a client to work without this documentary base. Since she is aware of the risks both for herself and for the client.

Shipping cars across US service capabilities

Specialized organizations for shipping a car across us are trying to attract customers from different segments of the population. Therefore, several transportation programs are being developed at once. They differ in a set of options and prices. It is very important to understand the details of these proposals.

Shipping cars across the US can be:

  • open - the car is transported collectively with other cars, on an open plateau with clamps;
  • enclosed - the car is placed in a separate closed compartment and transported individually.

The second option is more expensive, but it is also tailored more for elite movable property. Cars that require special conditions on the way and minimal attention to themselves. For budget and middle class cars, open transportation is quite suitable. Its price is not high, and the safety and speed of shipping cars across USA is time-tested.

They can also deliver goods in different ways. It is more convenient for some to drop off and receive a car at the shipping cars across US terminal. This allows you to see with your own eyes how the loading takes place, what kind of people work, what kind of machines are used, etc. However, the customer needs to spend time bringing and receiving the car on his own.

Door-to-door delivery is more convenient, but more expensive. The auto transporter will come to the right place for the car and deliver it to the address.

Delivery times for car shipping across us usually vary in the area of ​​14 days. But not everyone likes it. Someone wants to get a car guaranteed in a short time. To do this, you can use express delivery. There is a surcharge, but the speed of service is significantly increased.

What else characterizes the carrier as reliable? Of course, his desire to make contact with the client. For such companies, the site is filled with honest and understandable information. It has a calculator for preliminary self-calculation of the price of the service. And of course, there are several communication channels. At the same time, already during the transaction, the carrier actively supports the client with information, daily informing him about the progress of transportation and the location of the cargo.

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