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An insurance policy for car owners is not a new concept, but they often wonder why they need to spend money on additional insurance when registering ship a car cheap on a truck tractor.

It is important to understand here that the road is a place where anything can happen, even if it seems that all possible risks have been taken into account. Each of our specialists directs all forces so that the likelihood of any unpleasant excesses is reduced to zero:

  • logisticians calculate the route and infrastructure;
  • technicians check the condition of the machines;
  • loaders take into account all the important points when loading and fixing;
  • drivers are extremely careful about the cheap car shipment itself.

However, emergencies cannot be ruled out, therefore our company always adheres to generally accepted standards for the transportation of expensive and fragile goods that cannot be transported without compulsory insurance. Note that we already have it included in the cost of the service, so the client does not overpay for it, as is the practice in other organizations.

Car insurance as cargo during transportation

The client is traditionally offered to take out the carrier's civil liability insurance. Within its framework, compensation for losses occurs, which were caused through the fault of the executor of the order. For example, the car was dropped during loading and the company's fault is proven, then the client receives payment in full. It is this insurance that we assume as free, i.e. we pay for it for you.

There is also another insurance that allows you to secure your cargo from any accidents, but it already has a separate cost. The customer decides on the profitability of its registration individually, but if you have such a policy, you can receive payments, for example, if a car fell from a car transporter, when a road, bridge, etc.

We cooperate only with leading insurance companies, payments from which, upon the occurrence of insured events, are guaranteed. All documents are drawn up correctly with the letter of the law, so the client will not experience any problems.

Insurance is an additional guarantee that we are happy to provide you and, of course, do not forget to help save your personal money. You will receive a mandatory policy free of charge - completely at our expense, and if you wish, you can take out insurance for the valuable cargo itself, the price of the policy will be very pleasant and relevant for you.

What is the popular method of transporting cars?

Some clients like to be in trend everywhere, including ordering narrow-profile services, such as ship cars cheap by car transporter. It is believed that if the service is more in demand, it means that it is performed with guaranteed quality and on time. In our company, the entire service is built on the concept of comfort and efficiency, and the popularity of this or that service is based, rather, on other criteria.

Popular transportation method

Of course, this is an open way of cheap cars shipping. Here we are talking about the ship car for cheap on a large auto transporter, along with other cars. It happens as follows:

  • cars are driven onto a powerful plateau one by one;
  • firmly fasten, keeping the distance between them;
  • try to place the machines as necessary for transit unloading so as not to touch or remove them again.

In terms of reliability and safety, this method of ship car cheap is in no way inferior to a closed analogue, except perhaps only in the ability to shelter the cargo from external factors: precipitation, dust, dirt, and fine litter. The plateau is open, without walls and a roof, hence such a minor minus. Otherwise, the quality of the service remains at its best, and due to the collective transportation it is possible to reduce the price tag. This makes the service the most attractive to customers.

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