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To ship a car direct from one point of the country to another, there can be a lot of reasons: moving, buying or selling a car, organizing events, etc. However, the car owner is always puzzled by the same question - how to find a good carrier partner so that he can and provide the service quickly and not do quality service?

In our company you will find everything you are looking for, because in addition to vast experience, personal transport forces, we also have a well-coordinated team of specialists who know and perfectly do their job. We will ship car direct without getting out of the budget, offering a lot of additional convenient options, some of which will cost you absolutely free. For example, information, compulsory insurance, etc.

What can you get from us?

We offer each client to optionally choose what is convenient for him in order to end up with a comfortable service in terms of price and quality.

Transportation and their capabilities

We offer ship cars direct of two main types:

  • open - this is the transportation of your car in a protected open area, where several cars will be installed simultaneously and delivered to their destinations;
  • enclosed - transportation in a separate carriage on wheels, where your car will be sent and with the help of it delivered to the final point.

The open method is reliable and fast, but it is not able to protect the cargo from climatic influences and debris flying from under the wheels of passing cars. For budget and middle class cars, this problem will be solved simply by washing on arrival, but it is not recommended to transport premium cars in this way. That is why they are sent by closed carriers, which are somewhat more expensive, but give maximum protection from any external influences.

Delivery to any place

To get a fast and comfortable service, many people choose targeted delivery. The driver will pick up and bring the car to the specified address, agreeing on a time convenient for the client. This service will be more expensive, but it will help save time.

But ship cars direct to the terminal provides for the delivery and collection of cars at the bases of our company. This method is perfect for those who are not burdened with business and are ready to make time for a trip to us. In addition, such delivery will cost less than home delivery.

Surcharge for urgency

Our delivery times are minimal - 14 days, but we are ready to do everything to reduce this time to a minimum. Therefore, we suggest using urgent delivery, which allows you to get a car as quickly as possible. The cargo arrives anywhere in the country in a matter of days.

Choose us and be calm about your car

We have been on the service market for a long time and can guarantee that our customers will be satisfied, you can look at our reviews of ship a car direct. Cooperation with us is:

  • reliable - we give written guarantees of quality;
  • safe - only professionals are involved in route calculation and delivery;

transparent - we do not hide prices and do not impose services, and our information base allows you to receive auto notifications about changes in the location of your car and its current location (if necessary, you can call the driver of the transporter).

If we have not satisfied your thirst for information, then call our managers. They are available 24 hours a day, and leave ship a car direct review.

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