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Car transport company TMShipping LLC - Reviews

Eric Michael

TM Shipping helped me to avoid all this stressful situations when transporting my car. My assistant was very informative, polite and experienced. Thank you.

Derrick Crom

I tried to work with many companies before I requested the quote from TM Shipping. Only they kept me updated all the time and finally shipped my car. Highly recommend!

Chester O'Connor

I want to thanks TM shipping team for staying in touch with me even after office hours. The driver made photos of my car as I wanted. I appreciate it.

William Paiva

Transported from Massachusetts to Oklahoma. Julia at TMS was very communicative and worked closely with me to work through the contract and pricing. The driver did a great job communicating with me during the transport.

James Kelley
Moved the car with these guys 3 times already. Each time contacted ahead of time, everything went smooth and stressless. Highly appreciate your help.
Jhon H.
Your car was now very impressive, and I definitely strongly recommend them. The worker was outstanding in all respects - knowledgeable, reassuring, willing to work with me, kind and most important he did what was promised. Our car was delivered and delivered on time. The driver was very polite and processed our car, as if he were his own. Thank you guys and 5 stars excellent team on TMSHIPPING
Olga S.
I bought a car for a girl! Ordered delivery from another state! Excellent company! Really helped me out! Quickly, during and without damage! All according to the contract! I was very satisfied! Very reliable company! I will only apply to you!
Larry J.
We all know what delivering a car can be a huge headache (and also costs a lot). However, I am extremely lucky what I have found such an incredible service. So, first of all, price here is affordable. Delivering itself was also done pretty fast which is obviously a good thing. The driver gave me all the documents so no complaints here also. After all, I can strongly recommend this service
Andy A.
The cost of the transport was very well priced. Соmmuniсаtiоn on the phone with the employees of the company was productive and pleasant. I was kept informed throughout the process. The trucker's contact was great. I was surprised at the quick transport and was very satisfied with the entire process from the beginning to the moment when my vehicle was near my home. I am big on customer service and everyone I had contact with were excellent!
Maria A.
I ordered a personal car for the first time on behalf of the director! I was very afraid of making a mistake! Fear of vain! Excellent staff, quick service, good advice! Very reliable company with premium cars! A worthy company, I recommend!
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