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Logistics services are widely represented on the market today. In order to compete with each other and attract as many customers as possible, some companies lower shipping cars prices, arrange promotions and discounts. It is difficult to choose one among all these proposals, especially if we are not talking about simple and familiar goods, like furniture or appliances, but about something as specific as a car. Is it easy to find a company that can cope with the task at hand? Many customers are also interested in why the same company offers different prices for shipping cars.

Many clients choose a company for cost. Everyone understands that the price for shipping cars is formed based on the type of delivery, distance and terms. It is wrong to focus on the minimum cost. In this case, you should not count on the high quality of the service. Ideal - matching prices on shipping a car and quality. Some companies offer a ready-made tariff schedule, but a lot depends on the details. For example, the cost of a car. It is clear that a used car of a widespread inexpensive model is much cheaper to transport than an elite or collection car. In this case, the first car can be transported on an open platform, and the second must be transported closed, preferably in a container, which is more expensive. The best way to find the best value is to monitor offers and compare rates. This makes it much easier to find the most favorable car shipping price with the required quality of services.

Choosing a company: price determines quality

It is important to know that cost directly affects quality. The best companies provide a wide range of services, some of which can be chosen at the discretion of the client. If we take the average indicator for the market in this area, then the proposals above the average should be considered first of all. There is no need to save money when it comes to expensive cargo. Another important point is the certification and licensing of the carrier. Most often, shipping car prices are below the market average for companies that operate semi-legally, for example, their register does not have services for the transportation of cars, and all documents are issued for other goods.

Car transportation price: what does it depend on

If you need to choose a company that provides certain services, many customers are guided by price on shipping a car. However, experience shows that more often the winner is the one who did not stint and paid decently for the quality guarantee. This is exactly what is happening in the field of car transportation.

The first thing you need to know is that only air transportation is more expensive than transportation by an auto transporter. It is very difficult for a layman to calculate such delivery. It consists of too many factors: distance, type of transporter and platform, fuel consumption, vehicle depreciation. And there are other points that are included in the shipping car price - the risks of accidents, breakdowns, unforeseen situations. Only a professional logistician in this area can say exactly how much it costs to transport a car.

Direct factors affecting the cars shipping cost

If we talk about fuel, then there are several factors of influence. The first is the price of car shipping of oil. Its fluctuation in the world market does not make it possible to establish a constant tariff. Another important aspect is the fuel consumption of one or another car transporter. A car with a small engine consumes less, but with an increase in the mass of the transported car, and for each model it is different, the load increases, and, accordingly, the fuel consumption. And the delivery time is also important. If it is minimal, the car transporter will have to go faster, which means that it will consume more.

Companies are trying to expand their fleet as much as possible in order to minimize fuel costs. For example, a light car can be transported by a car with a medium engine size, and this is a savings. Car carriers try to deduce the rate per kilometer of transportation by a certain vehicle, so that customers can at least roughly navigate the shipping a car prices. If the client wants to reduce the cost of the service, he must enable the company to complete it in the optimal time frame, and not limit the transportation in time.

Many companies offer a discount or a cumulative bonus system for regular customers. This is also a good way to cut costs.

Another factor affecting fuel consumption is the season. At one time of the year, for example, in summer, when everyone goes on vacation, traffic on the roads is heavy, which slows down movement and increases consumption. In another, for example, in winter, the roads are much worse - snowy, slippery. The driver has to drive slowly, which also affects the fuel consumption of the transporter.

Another nuance is the quality of the coating. When driving on a flat and smooth highway, the car consumes much less than when driving on a bad road or mountainous terrain.

Delivery: to the terminal or address

Most often, companies offer two types of delivery to the destination: to the company's terminal or to the address specified by the client when concluding the transaction. Each type has its own price of shipping cars and advantages. If you need to save money, it is better to choose delivery to the terminal, from where you will have to pick up the car yourself. For maximum security, many choose the door-to-door option. It is imperative to check with the carrier how much a certain type will cost and, according to your needs, decide which method is more convenient and profitable.

Delivery to the terminal assumes that the car transporter will bring and unload the car at a special site. The client can pick up his car here, sign the necessary documents for receipt. Door-to-door delivery is variable. The cargo can be brought to your home, office, even to the nearest convenient parking lot. But here a nuance is possible, in such places it is not always possible to unload the car conveniently and quickly. Therefore, many clients choose the terminal, especially if it is located nearby.

Weight of the transported vehicle

The weight of the car is a very important factor affecting several components of prices on shipping cars: fuel consumption, choice of vehicles, depreciation of the main components of a car carrier, tires. The owner himself is interested in reducing the weight of the car as much as possible: picking up all the excess from the trunk, lowering the tank, etc.

Delivery terms

Standard prices for shipping a car, which at the initial stage the contractor presents to the customer, implies transportation on weekdays, that is, on working days. If there are weekends or holidays during the execution period, the shipping a car price on such dates may double. This is a common practice used by all shipping companies. For example, on a weekday the price is one, on a weekend it is 50% more, and on holidays such as New Year's or Christmas, the company can set the tariff at its discretion.

Therefore, you should not postpone car transportation until the last day. For example, if you plan to move on a specific date to another city, then the car can be sent earlier, especially if you plan to use it immediately upon arrival. Usually companies can hold a car in their terminal for several days free of charge. This will make it possible to avoid excesses and optimize costs.

How to prevent damage fraud

If the car arrives with damages, often the client has to prove that they were not there before shipment. Therefore, it is better to pay attention to this point: before loading, take a detailed photo of the car. Different angles, distances, details will help you quickly prove whether the car was damaged during transportation and demand compensation.

Conclusion: why it is worth entrusting the transportation of cars to professionals

To overtake a car yourself is much more expensive, and this has been proven in practice. Especially when it comes to expensive cars, it is also very unsafe. Inexpensive cars can be shipped with groupage cargo if there is enough time. Then, even from the carrier's tariff, you can pay no more than half.

If the company is well verified, all the details of the service are included in the documents signed by both parties, the cargo is insured, then the risks are minimal. Remember, sometimes it makes sense to overpay and get guarantees of excellent service, and not save money and take unnecessary risks.

But there is one more nuance - if the client chose the first available company with a high price of shipping car, did not check it thoroughly through the Internet and reviews, negligently treated the contract and insurance policy, then high car shipping prices will not guarantee a perfectly performed service. Price is price, but you have to choose with your head.

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