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Logistics services

Services in logistics may be needed sooner or later by every motorist. Sudden change of job or place of residence, purchase of a car, etc. Regardless of the reason, if you need to transport a personal car, you should be careful when choosing a service logistic.

Our logistic service has been engaged in transportation in the specialized service sector for many years and during this time we managed to learn everything that customers love so much. Of course, this is attention and quality guarantees, as well as transparency in relations: the possibility of constant communication and real tariffs. Our services of logistics services are a collective service that you select as an option, depending on what you would like to see in the end.

What are we ready to offer you?

The offers are very extensive, so it will not be difficult to choose a service according to your financial capabilities and personal preferences.

Transportation and delivery - what can they be?

We offer to transport the goods in two ways at once:

  • open - the car is transported collectively on an auto transporter, in an open area;
  • enclosed - the car is loaded into a separate compartment, where it is securely attached and fully protected from any outside influences.

The first option is most relevant for the owners of budget and mid-price cars, for the owners of which the economy is a priority. The method perfectly protects the car from mechanical damage, but is not able to protect it from the influence of precipitation and dirt.

The second option is more expensive, but it allows you to transport the car in a separate compartment completely safely and confidentially. This opportunity is very much to the liking of owners of premium cars who are interested in completely isolating the car from external influences.

Delivery can be carried out in several ways, at the request of the client:

  • to the terminal - the client brings and picks up the car to the company's base, which is time-consuming, but allows significant savings;
  • by address - the car is picked up and delivered to the address that is convenient for the customer.

Address delivery is more comfortable, but it requires additional costs.

What if you need a car urgently?

Usually the logistics service provider is not ready to provide urgent road transportations, but not us. For especially in a hurry customers, we have a special service in store - express delivery, which allows you to get your car urgently. Of course, you will have to overpay for such comfort, but you will be able to transport your cargo extremely quickly - within a few days.

What do our clients get?

By contacting our logistics services provider, each client can expect to receive:

  • reliability and high quality of services - we work within the legal framework, while observing all the individual wishes of the client, whose interests are protected by the contract;
  • informing - we constantly keep in touch with the client and give him the opportunity to receive information from messages, with a personal call to the operator or even communication with the driver of the car transporter;
  • speed of work - we carry out transportation as quickly as possible, even in the conditions of a standard application, our employees try to reduce the border time in favor of the client.

If we could not provide complete information about our logistics services, we are waiting for your questions to our managers around the clock.

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