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How much it cost to ship car

Any client has his own definition of comfortable car transportation, therefore, in order to facilitate the task of calculating the cost of the service, we decided to offer the use of a virtual calculator, which is always available on our website and will show how much do it cost to ship a car. It takes into account important options:

  • Manufacturer;
  • The model of car;
  • Condition;
  • Transportation distance, etc.

The formation of the final cost is directly influenced by important points, which together determine the comfortable transportation on the part of the client and it is clear how much does it cost to ship a car. The calculation is performed with pinpoint accuracy, commissions and other markups are not included. Everything is accessible and understandable: indicate the necessary information and instantly get the result - the price that you will have to pay.

Distance between points

The mileage is the main indicator on which the final price of the service depends. It would seem that the amount grows along with the length of the trip, but this is not so, because we offer discounts on the price of a mile. Simply put, the cost per kilometer in a long haul order is different, but the final price will not be that high. The functional technology we use helps to ensure affordable prices. But if the transportation is carried out over rough terrain, the price will also be adjusted.

Auto category

One of the factors of how much does it costs to ship a car is also the type of car, it is the modifications that can affect the adjustment of the carrier, which, in turn, entails additional costs. For an accurate calculation of the cost with our calculator, try to indicate in detail all the options of your car.

Transportation type

The most common type of transportation is open, it is carried out at the site of an auto transporter and therefore can carry more than one car, due to this, the cost of the service is reduced. But only a closed type of transportation can guarantee maximum safety, when the car is placed in an individual container, which is able to provide protection against damage, small debris and the effects of climatic conditions. Such transportation is more expensive, but high-quality service compensates for the cost.

Car condition

An important role of how much does it cost ship a car has efficiency. Moving a working car is not expensive, but to transport a broken or broken car, you have to invest a lot. This is due to the fact that during transportation, special lifts are used, due to which the price increases. We can guarantee high-quality transportation of vehicles without the following defects:

  • Not working brakes;
  • Steering malfunction;
  • Failure to make turns.


Transporting transport in a large city will be relatively cheaper than in a small one. This is due to the wide range of transport forces. For the selection of profitable options for transportation to other regions, we engage freight forwarders. This helps to transport the car to the desired point and not pay extra money.


The cost of the service also varies depending on the season: when it gets colder, it grows - when it gets warmer, it decreases, we will tell you how much does it cost to ship cars.

Do not worry that you trust us with your car for so long, we have vast experience in transportation and we are careful with any type of car. And in order to calm your anxiety, we are ready to inform you around the clock about the progress of the order and geolocation of where your car is now. You will receive updated data automatically to your phone or email several times a day.

Do you want to know the cost of car transportation right now? Use our "smart" calculator, the algorithms of which will help in accurate calculations.

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