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Logistics services
Logistics services – Excellent support and safety of your cargo are guaranteed! We provide the highest level of security and protection for your cargo by carefully managing and coordinating shipments from point A to point B. Our experts will help to find the right solution for your needs.
Online-tracking – Our online tracking system enables you to track and trace the current location of your shipments in a fast and convenient way. It's never been easier!
Much faster delivery
Fewer Stops – Much faster delivery due to fewer stops. Enclosed trailers haul fewer vehicles than open ones; therefore drivers do not need to make as many stops and you will receive your car sooner.
safe and secure environment for your vehicle
Safe & Secure – Enclosed trailers have a roof and four sides, which provide safe and secure environment for your vehicle while it is in transit. It fully protects the vehicle from the weather and any potentially damaging road debris.

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Advantages and disadvantages of road transport

Among all types of freight shipping cars, transport is one of the most common. It is valued for its versatility and economy. Road transport, also known as freight vehicle shipping, covers the transportation industry, where cars travel on land roads using wheeled car freight shipping. Transportation is carried out on a trailer attached to a specialized truck. Trailers, in turn, are open and closed. Transportation services provided using this freight car shipping are provided by road carriers. Road transport boasts many benefits, which we will discuss below.

The main advantage of freight shipping for cars is the ability to deliver the car directly to the destination. This service is publicly available, used by individuals, small investors and individual corporations. The disadvantage of this method of car delivery is energy consumption and harmful effects on the environment. Road transport has an extensive road network, which allows it to quickly and efficiently perform even the most difficult tasks.

Services we offer

Our car freight shipping company is a highly qualified employee, each of whom works for a common result. Operators take orders, logisticians make a profitable route, lawyers provide documentary support, mechanics check trucks for malfunctions, and drivers transport loaded trucks. For our customers, we provide transportation services throughout the United States, using the latest technology for loading, unloading and freight shipping car. Our company knows how to make a quality service, because we have many years of experience in the domestic and international market air freight vehicle shipping.

Reasons why customers turn to our freight company

We are fully responsible for the entire workflow. Accordingly, we provide a contract that prescribes possible risks during transportation and their resolution. We fulfill orders in the terms we announce in advance. We value the time of a person who comes to us for help, so with our company you will have to forget about the long wait. We provide the client and his car with all the necessary documentation. In addition, our lawyers draw up insurance policies in case of unexpected situations.

However, you should not worry about the previous, because we guarantee professionalism and control at all stages of work. We are in charge of only highly qualified employees who have passed a detailed selection for their positions. We also provide monitoring and information on the state of car freight shipping USA and the current location of the truck from the car on the route. Exact coordinates are tracked using a navigation system installed on each, without exception, truck. The client is informed in a convenient way: an e-mail or a short message to the phone number. We provide fair tariff plans that do not differ from the average services on the market. Be sure that by contacting our company you will receive at the beginning of the freight cost for shipping a car, which will remain unchanged after the service. We do not have hidden fees, incomprehensible penalties and commissions, because honesty is above all for us.

Professionalism at all stages of work, attractive prices combined with our experienced team and modern technology make our company the best choice on the way to quality vehicle freight shipping service.

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