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Express auto shipping

There can be many reasons for ordering auto shipping express from one location to another. At the same time, it is very important to choose a responsible carrier who is imbued with the task at hand and will have the motivation for its fastest and high-quality implementation. Unfortunately, today not all companies can boast of this, many of which are aimed only at making a profit, and not at the maximum satisfaction of the client's requests.

Everything is different in our company. Working every day for wear and tear, in order for all customers to be satisfied, we are ready to guarantee the quality of our services and their speed of implementation. At the same time, we take into account all the personal wishes of customers and always keep our finger on the pulse, allowing the car owner to receive complete information and become, during the execution of the order, part of our large team.

Transportation and their capabilities

Our transport forces allow us to present you with several ways of express auto shipping at once, so that your "iron horse" can get there completely safe and sound.

Open carriers are very popular. The reason is the speed of order execution and its relative cheapness. Cars are transported collectively on a large open car transporter, which is able to ensure the reliability of cars shipping express. The only minor disadvantage is the absence of an awning or walls, which does not provide protection from precipitation and dirt. However, everything will be decided by an inexpensive car wash to receive the goods. We recommend using such methods of express cars shipping for owners of inexpensive and middle class cars, where the price of the service is of paramount importance.

Enclosed carriers have a more complex and protected design, where each car is loaded into a separate compartment and transported inaccessible to any external influences. Such a cars express shipping service is more expensive, but it is able to fully protect, even from minimal impacts. This choice is worth making in the presence of an expensive car, rare and exclusive models.

Delivery to a convenient place

You can deliver a car in two ways, which differ in capabilities - one helps to save money, the other - time.

The use of terminals - our bases, is cheaper, but the client will need to personally deliver his car for transportation to one of the nearest addresses of our company and pick it up at the destination, too, one of them.

Address delivery means that the client transfers and receives his cargo at home, at work or in any other suitable place, without interrupting his plans and time. Of course, increased comfort requires an overpayment.

Deadlines for yesterday

When a client signs a standard contract, he asks that he can receive a car within 14 days. Most often, this period is reduced by our operational capabilities, but if they want to receive the car in a few days, then they will have to issue an additional service - auto express shipping.

Choose us - we are always there!

If you choose us for express cars shipping, then we are happy to guarantee:

  • speed of work;
  • quality and reliability of performance;
  • regular information by phone;

the ability to contact our managers or the driver of the car transporter around the clock.

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