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Enclosed car shipping quotes and cost

Do you need to arrange car transportation? Of course, it is easier and safer to entrust this task to professional carriers. There are many of them today, but it is important to understand that it is worth working only with experienced legal enclosed car shipping companies.

What enclosed car shipping company can offer

Car transport organizations can offer two options for car delivery.

Open car transporters. The car is delivered on an open plateau, strapped to a powerful tractor. Cars move on it collectively from 4 to 8 cars. At the same time, the structure does not have any awnings or walls. But this does not affect security. The load is still securely fixed on the plateau, so it is guaranteed not to fall down and collide with a neighboring car.

Enclosed trailer car shipping. This is transportation in an individual container. The car is fully loaded into it and goes there alone. Inside, there are also latches that prevent it from moving anywhere. The container is made of durable sealed materials that will not allow light and water to penetrate inside. In addition, it closes securely and becomes completely tamper-proof.

The first transportation option. It has nothing special and is familiar to many car owners who have seen how a large number of cars are delivered along the highways. The same cannot be said about closed transportations, which are slightly different and often go unnoticed on the roads.

More details about enclosed carriers

An enclosed auto transporter is a small train on wheels. There is a locomotive - a tractor, and a car - the container itself. Such a service has been created for luxury cars, whose owners do not want to show their property to strangers, and want to protect it from theft. Moreover, the fact that the car is not afraid of climatic troubles or flying stones from the road remains a fundamentally important aspect. If this is an expensive or rare car, then even a minor scratch or chip of the paintwork can cause big problems and significant expenses for restoration.

Therefore, closed transportation is considered to be an elite service. And the enclosed car shipping quote is suitable. First of all, the owner overpays for the fact that the car transporter travels along the route for only one car. Let's remind that open - collective, auto transporter carries several cars at once, therefore all logistic expenses are divided between customers. Here they are assigned to only one single user.

The enclosed car shipping cost is also influenced by the execution of documents, insurance policies for expensive property. For example, one insurance - there is probably no way to avoid mistakes of company employees here. Just large companies provide it for free, so users of open transport do not overpay. Then, when ordering an enclosed carriage, the owner wants to protect himself to the maximum and will definitely issue additional insurance. It will help to compensate for damage in the event of an emergency on the road, which does not depend on the employees of the carrier company.

The third pricing factor is shipping options. When a car owner chooses a closed carriage for himself, it is already clear that it is important for him to keep the load from prying eyes. To do this at the time of loading and unloading, additional door-to-door delivery is ordered. In this case, the car is picked up and brought to the place where the owner of the car himself will indicate. This will force the overall enclosed car shipping quotes to grow, while minimizing the last remaining risks.

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