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Enclosed auto transport services

Enclosed Auto Shipping: Profitable Price, Fast Delivery To Any City

Car shipping within the USA is becoming more and more in demand. TMShipping LLC will ensure a smooth enclosed auto transport process for your vehicle while saving you from any hassles that may happen along the way. Aside from Open trailers, we offer Enclosed vehicle transport that provides the highest safety standards for your vehicle in transit. The advantages of Auto Transport Enclosed services can be attributed to a relatively competitive price, the safest method of transportation with a minimum amount of delivery time for such cargo transportation. The primary advantage of using enclosed transport car service over other options is it provides the highest level of security and protection.

Enclosed shipping car with TM Shipping has been involved with car transport for many years. This allowed us to create a truly unique and high-quality service for our customers. If you want to know the cost of trucking right now, simply request a Quote online and we will reply by email instantly. Alternatively give us a call and speak to one of our reps.

Enclosed Transport Car Advantages:

VIP car transport – the most secure and reliable way to transport your vehicle

ideal for anycars
Ideal for Luxury, Exotic, Rare or Collector Cars – It provides the highest level of security and protection for highly prized autos, antiques, luxury and expensive sports cars. Does your vehicle require maximum security? This covered car transport method would be the one to choose!
lift gate
Lift Gate – To load cars with minimal ground clearance. Any car with clearance below 4 inches must be shipped in enclosed trailer with a lift-gate. Otherwise it could bottom-out on the uneven ramps of an open trailer.
Fewer Stops
Fewer Stops – Much faster delivery due to fewer stops. Enclosed trailers haul fewer vehicles than open ones; therefore drivers do not need to make as many stops and you will receive your car sooner.
safe and secure
Safe & Secure – Enclosed trailers have a roof and four sides, which provide safe and secure environment for your vehicle while it is in transit. It fully protects the vehicle from the weather and any potentially damaging road debris.

Enclosed Car Transport As A Universal Way Of Delivering Cars Throughout America

What makes TMShipping your go-to choice, is the many years of experience we have with enclosed car shipping. We help you to select the ideal transport depending on your own individual needs. When deciding between an Open vs Enclosed car carrier you should take into account the type of car, the duration of transportation and the conditions in which this cargo will be transported. TMshipping car enclosed transport is the best solution across USA.

You should select Enclosed Auto Shipping in case your priorities are:

  • Utmost security. While in transit, your vehicle is housed in the trailer which is four sided with a roof. The vehicle thus shielded from harsh weather, dust, dirt and road debris, which poses danger to the car in transit.
  • You need to transport a classic, luxury, exotic, antique or any other high-end auto since this option provides security and is highly reliable
  • Quick delivery. Most shipments are delayed by too many stops-over. However, with Enclosed car transport only few cars are in haul hence reduced stops. As a customer you can receive your cargo sooner than expected.
  • Safe handling for cars with a low-ground clearance (4 inches clearance and less). Enclosed trailers fitted with lift-gates to prevent them from bottoming out on uneven ramps as well as minimum ground clearance while loading onto the trailer.

What are the benefits of enclosed auto transporters?

A car carrier is a vehicle that combines a car with a traditional tow truck. It is used for transportation of motorcycles, cars, minibuses and trucks. It usually has an open download platform, but there are some exceptions. In a situation where we intend to transport expensive or antique machines, it is better to use auto enclosed transport. Transporting a car on a special enclosed auto transport is the safest way to send a car, thanks to which the trip is not affected by any external factors.

Enclosed auto transporter is designed to transport luxury, vintage and racing cars. They are also used to move specialized equipment and machinery that need additional protection. Due to the specific type of cargo transported, auto transport enclosed is made of the highest quality materials.

Car transport enclosed can be available in several versions. The most common are tow trucks with tarpaulin and container buildings.

Protection against damage during transportation

When not enclosed car transporters the vehicle will be subject to many damages. These may be minor scratches. In the case of valuable or vintage cars, such details are of great importance. Car enclosed transport effectively protects your valuable cargo from damage by small elements.

Protection against the consequences of road accidents

Of course, the basis in this case is a secure seat belt. The body effectively catches small elements that are detached from the car body during an accident. In the case of direct impact on the truck, it protects the contents from damage.

Protection against adverse weather conditions

Atmospheric factors have a great influence on the condition of the vehicle being transported. And not only hail can damage the car body. Prolonged exposure to moisture can adversely affect the cost.

Theft protection

First of all, enclosed car transporters do not expose valuable content in the eyes of others. In addition, it is difficult for a thief to get inside the vehicle. Stealing a car in an enclosed shipping car is much more difficult than unloading it from a traditional tow truck.

What does car transporters enclosed guarantee?

Enclosed car transport means safety of use and the highest level of protection of the transported car. The rear of the door is lowered and closed hydraulically by means of additional supports and folded ramps - so as to minimize the angles of loading of vehicles. It also has internal LED lighting, which facilitates work at night, an electric step for safe entry and exit of the driver, a reversing camera and its own monitoring system.

What are car shipping enclosed for?

Enclosed transport car is a specific type of tow truck used for transportation:

  • High cost cars
  • Vintage cars
  • Rally cars
  • Motorcycles

The cost of purchasing and operating a built-in tow truck is undoubtedly higher than in the case of a traditional road haulage. For this reason, these enclosed car shipping are only used to transport precious goods.

Why do people use our services?

Our company has been in the services market for a long time. Since then, we are constantly evolving to provide our customers with additional solutions in the field of transport, forwarding of luxury cars. Thanks to our network of proven carriers, we can find the perfect and safe solution for any customer's needs.

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