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Door to door cars transport service

What is Door-to-Door Auto Transport Service?

Nowadays, car shipping using road transport is one of the most promising areas in the door to door transportation industry. Road transport (trucking) is widely used for shipping cars over long distances. Its main advantage as a mean of transportation is the possibility of door-to-door delivery. The company which provides such freight services both takes the car from the sender and delivers it right to the recipient. 

Door-to-door auto transport delivery is a complex of services, including preparation for car transportation, the transportation itself, unloading upon delivery to the recipient, as well as all the documentation of these transactions. Moreover, phased physical support of the car is foreseen, which allows reducing risks, both improving the quality of car transportation and guaranteeing its safety. 

Thus, door-to-door transportation is the vehicles' delivery under the terms of the full responsibility of the forwarding company, being responsible for the car from the moment it is taken from the sender to the time of transferring to the recipient. We have an opportunity to deliver vehicles between addresses. This is very convenient for the customer. So, welcome to door to door transport with company TMShipping.

Door-to-Door Transportation Benefits

The most convenient way of moving cars long distances – pick up and drop off as close to the specified locations as possible

Timely Delivery! This kind of transportation is the fastest and most cost effective way to be. There is no need to wait for truck to be fully loaded – waste no time! Door to door auto shipping is fast and simple.
Vehicle Inspection at the Pick up & Delivery Point Door-to-door delivery allows you to monitor the process of loading and unloading of your vehicle, as well as to make sure that the body of the car stayed in the same condition after transportation.
All we Need is Your Car and the Keys Release your vehicle to the driver => pass him the car keys => sign the Bill of Lading after the round up inspection and you are good to go!
Personal Items in the Car You can put up to 100 pounds into the trunk or back seat of your vehicle but below the window level. Make sure that there is nothing illegal such as weapon, drugs, animals etc.

Do I need to transport my vehicle door-to-door?

Strictly speaking, the "door-to-door" logistic scheme means “ a model” of transportation, in which there is a starting point for transportation, the final destination and there are no intermediate points between them, the car is transported by one type of transport from the beginning to the end without transshipment, reloading and other route manipulations.

Door-to-door car shipping:

  • Available in any US state;
  • We pick up the vehicle and deliver it to the specified address;
  • Hassle-free experience for you

Door-to-door delivery has a high demanded due to a number of advantages. The customer both saves time and eliminates the need to participate in the process of car transportation, fully trusting these and other tasks to the service our company provides.

  • Economic benefit: the customer does not need to pay for car storage in transit warehouses.
  • Efficiency: our transport service develops the optimal logic, thereby reducing delivery times to a minimum.
  • Safety: the likelihood of force majeure, damage or loss of car is reduced since each transportation stage is under the responsibility and supervision of a company representative.

Preparing Your Vehicle

Road transport is the only one, allowing the “door-to-door” cars delivery. A bill of lading is issued to the shipper at both pick up and destination points

The bill of lading must specify:

  • both name and location of the Shipper;
  • port of discharge;
  • both name and location of the Recipient;
  • basic information about the car

The carrier notes (in the bill of lading):

  • carrier's name;
  • port of loading;
  • the number of bills' of lading originals;
  • both date and place of the bill of lading.

A bill of lading is not a type of legal document, but a type of security, confirming car's ownership. Only the original bill of lading has legal force, but not a screenshot or an electronic copy.

Why choose Door-to-door Auto Transport with TMShipping?

Our motto is reliability, stability, quality.

We always try to prevent our customers from unnecessary hassle associated with delivery, you can check door to door car trasnport reviews. Therefore, such a type of service as "door-to-door" delivery is offered to our clients. There is absolutely no difference where the vehicle should be delivered to - warehouse, body shop or a specified address. The main thing is to provide a service, meeting the highest standards. We both respect our customers and strive for perfection, as we absolutely do not need our clients to spend their valuable time, thinking about how can they get vehicles after their arrival at the warehouse. Hiring another car? Paying again?! Our clients do not need all this since we will pick up all the cars right to the specified place, delivering to your address. We save our customers from unnecessary worries associated with vehicles' transporting.

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