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Shipping a car costs

There are currently many companies on the market that offer transportation services. The shipping cost of the cars they offer is very different and sometimes easy to get lost in the maze of offers, discounts or promotions. Of course, the organization of transportation applies to furniture and household appliances.

But what if you also have to move your car? What are the solutions for vehicles and how easy is it to find a carrier on the road? Why do the costs vary depending on the type of car? No one will be surprised that the cost of car shipping plays an important role.

However, the cost of transportation depends on the distance, type of trailer, cargo size and delivery date. When choosing from these offers, do not rely on the minimum possible costs, as this does not guarantee the desired quality of service, thus a favorable ratio of cost car shipping and security. Each company offers approximate rates for the service of transportation of vehicles. Obviously, the costs vary if you need to transport a regular or luxury car, because expensive cars often use a closed type of transportation, which is much more expensive than open. Comparing multiple quotes is the best way to quickly find the offer that best suits your needs and focused car shipping cost.

What does shipping car cost depend on?

When choosing a transport company, shipping cost of car, obviously, is not insignificant. However, this should not be the first and main element of your thoughts. Sometimes it is worth choosing a more expensive offer, but to provide better service results. It is known that road transport is relatively expensive. Indeed, if you want to calculate the price of road transport, between gasoline, day of the week, wear and tear of your car, as well as the risk of road breakdown or traffic accident on long trips, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort.

The right choice of company

This is always the basis for finding the best transportation services. It is often the case that the best road transport assistance companies can cost slightly above the national average. And beware - you do not need to save when it comes to transporting vehicles. The quality of all operation and safety of our car is important. It is necessary to find out whether the company has the necessary documents and licenses. Remember that this is very important if you do not want to deal with fraudsters.

Distance, tariffs and fuel costs

Oil prices have fluctuated widely in recent years. Assuming that the daily fuel consumption is 100 liters, then assuming the current shipping a car costs, we can save the driver's daily wage on this fuel. The type of car used for transportation, the most important element here will be the fuel consumption of the car. A small engine can consume less than 8 liters per 100 km on the road, while the load on the car is moderate. However, increasing the weight of the load and speeding can increase fuel consumption by up to 50%.

Transport companies on the market offer a wide range of road transport. How much is the rate per kilometer depends on the vehicles that belong, the specifics of this transport service and the imposed pace of the task. It may happen that car shipping costs per km will be lower when we allow the transport company to perform tasks less urgently or, for example, to facilitate the transportation of goods. Loyal customers can also often count on a discount that will effectively reduce the shipping cars cost included in the price list.

Also the most important factors in the context of the evaluation of transport services will be the kilometers traveled. In some cases, the season of the year is also significant (reduction or extension of the time required for transport), as well as the type of road - a fast road with good coverage or a road in a mountainous area, which increases fuel consumption and prolongs transport time.

Place of receipt of your car

There are several solutions available for you to transport your car from your current place of residence to a new home. There are different types of delivery, for example, "door to door" or to the terminal, and each of these options offers different guarantees and services at different rates. Be sure to find out in advance about the benefits of these transportation solutions to find the most satisfactory service.

As a rule, we advise you to arrange delivery to a fairly spacious place, where the moving company can easily get to your car. But they also have enough space for loading maneuvers. You can also get your car at the nearest contact center to facilitate these operations, or order delivery directly to the door of your home.

Weight and terms of collection and delivery

One of the factors that affects the cost is the weight of the car. When making an estimate, the loader evaluates your car by kg. This means that no additional weight should be added to the vehicle during loading and in order not to cause problems. The weight of the load is a significant parameter, because the higher it is, the greater the consumption of fuel, oil and wear of components in the car, including tires.

Select a date for your vehicle

Price list for road transport is calculated based on working days. This is very important information that determines the shipping a car cost at the company. The cost of transporting a car per km may increase on weekends and holidays. Sometimes service providers add an excess of about 50% to standard shipping car costs. This is the standard conversion rate for non-business days.

A specific day of order fulfillment - during the non-working period, for example, Christmas or New Year, then the cost of delivery will be significantly more expensive than on a weekday.

As for delivery and collection times, we suggest you be flexible. Although you can choose fixed dates, it increases costs. If you are more flexible because you have no imperatives or you do not use the car every day, it is best to choose a suitable date long before the day of moving, when transporting the car will be cheaper.

Pay attention to previous damage before transporting the car

Before you entrust and give your car to a trucker, take the time to wash your "iron horse". It is better to take a picture of a clean vehicle from different angles, which will allow you to detect all the defects of the vehicle. Write down any scratches and damage present before loading the vehicle onto the body. This way, you can easily make a find in case of proven damage to your car. These recommendations simply serve to protect you and guarantee compensation for any unpleasant accident.

Why use a professional relocation company?

Trust a professional company to transport your car from one city to another, above all economically. The cost of travel and fuel is much higher than the cost of any tariff for road transport, and for vehicles in groups, for example, you save up to 50% on the cost of shipping a car!

With current knowledge of this information about road transport, you can easily evaluate the offers offered by trucking companies.

Don't forget to always carefully check the company you want to hire to carry out our transportation. The price list for such a service is one thing, but the most important thing is that this company carries out all the action efficiently, professionally and reliably. However, to make our export cheap, it is best to ask the opinions of customers with whom the transport company you have chosen has cooperated with. It may happen that even a slightly higher price in the online price list will lead to the professional implementation of the project, which, in turn, will reduce the costs associated with downtime or possible damage to transport equipment.


However, we must not forget that we care most when deciding to transport a vehicle. Cars shipping cost, available in the price list of services, is one thing, marketing is another, but the most important thing is that the obligations related to transportation must be carried out quickly, professionally and without additional costs.

By choosing a random, inexperienced company, it may turn out that the cost of transporting cars will increase due to damage, unforeseen accidental accidents or excessive downtime at the enterprise. For this reason, the price of moving or the price list of transport services should not be the only factor determining the right choice, and when looking for good and cheap transport, you should consider something more.

We hope that the above topics regarding the cost of transporting vehicles will help you choose a reliable carrier with an optimal price list and a good reputation.

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