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Motor transport is one of the factors of economic development. Its importance is determined both by its own potential and the role it plays in the effective functioning of the entire industry.

It is difficult to determine exactly how much it costs today to transport cars using tractors with semi-trailers. All this is because there are different ways to measure the value of a particular order, and it is necessary to take into account the execution time, distance, destination and additional costs, such as fare.

The time spent is directly affected by the number of tools, the method of lifting and transportation, as well as the need for additional protection or specialized equipment. Therefore, car shipping quotes cheap per kilometer, the presence of an elevator, size and weight - these are the main factors that take into account trucking companies, offering us specific tariffs for the service.

Independent cheap car shipping quote transportation

One of the factors influencing the get car shipping quotes that are charged for road transport is whether the transport will be performed separately or on the basis of additional loading. Of course, it will be easier for the carrier to optimize trucking costs if the cargo space is divided into cargoes from different customers. In this case, the cheapest car shipping quotes for the customer will be lower.

Self-placement of the car on the body requires additional formalities, but it allows you to reduce and get a car shipping quote. A reasonable compromise is the transfer of transport activities in favor of the road transport company, because we will get a good payment term, and cheap car shipping quotes per kilometer will be balanced.

What affects the cost of road transport?

Kilometer test

Cheap car shipping quotes depend on many elements, and their amount is reduced mainly to the travel time of the hired transport company. One of the most popular ways to calculate a car shipping free quote is the so-called kilometer, which calculates the length of the route multiplied by the free car shipping quote per kilometer. The project price also includes loading activity and unloading stop. For this reason, a 200-kilometer route will cost much more than the distance traveled than transportation outside the country.

Place of receipt

The place is not necessarily the only way to estimate the value of the order that the company performs for road transport. The place of receipt of the order has a significant impact on free car shipping quotes. In this case, there are two options that we can contact directly with the company with a request: the first - to place the vehicle at the terminal. The second option is to use a door-to-door delivery service.

Door-to-door transport

International road transport usually involves many hours of travel and time-consuming unloading. One of the forms of transportation that avoids this is door-to-door delivery. This type of transportation allows the customer to get their vehicle safely and in the most comfortable conditions. Door-to-door trucking involves picking up the machine from its place of loading and transporting it directly to its destination.

The main and key advantage of using door-to-door transportation is exceptional comfort and economy. There are also no concerns about punctuality and safety.


In the field of road transport, the speed of service delivery as well as the reliability of the entire supply chain are extremely important, especially when frequent shipments are required. Customers expect from road transport service providers, first of all, a quick response and short delivery time, which you can read more about on the website of each company.

The tariff for trucking can also be higher if we want faster delivery - especially on the same day.

As a rule, most companies provide express transportation services, which are faster than regular delivery, but also much more expensive.

Semi-trailer category

Much depends on the type of trailer you need. The most popular is the open type of transportation, which is characterized by a standard tarpaulin trailer, which can accommodate up to 12 vehicles. Transportation of cars on a closed body is typical for the transportation of rare, sports, premium cars. The use of this method of transportation in all cases increases the cost by several percent, because transportation must, above all, be safe and ensure the maintenance of optimal conditions during the transportation of valuable vehicles that are easily damaged.

How do additional services affect the tariff of road transport?

In addition to trucking, the customer can also order additional services, which, of course, will increase the cost of transportation. The most important are assistance in unloading and loading, as well as storage of goods in the warehouse. In addition, the type of vehicle can also increase costs - if it requires additional safety, and it should be transported according to the rules.

Should the cost of trucking always be the lowest?

This is one of the issues that worries many customers. The answer is not always obvious, because it is cheap only for a while.

Truckers compete mostly with prices, but this is a solution that only works for a short time. To take care of the fleet and hire good drivers, the carrier must invest. Otherwise, sooner or later he will have to file for bankruptcy, or increase cheap car shipping instant quote. Therefore, if you want to be sure that your chosen carrier will deliver the goods on time to the specified address, then bet on a reputable company. When choosing, consider not only cheap car shipping quotes instant, but check what offer the carrier offers you for a certain amount. Insufficient protection in the case of civil liability insurance or inexperienced driver should make you think carefully about choosing a carrier.

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