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Car moving services

The need to transport your car may arise for every car owner. It can be a move, a sudden breakdown, the purchase of a new car and dozens of other cases, but the main goal will remain to find a responsible carrier who is able to guarantee quality, speed and a good price for car move service.

Our organization has been working in the market of car transport services for decades, and knows exactly what our customers want. We are familiar with all the nuances of the process and are ready to guarantee the safety of your car, its complete safety on the road and prompt delivery in any convenient way. Our move car service has a wide range of offers that you definitely cannot refuse, because you will surely find what you like and pocket.

Carriers - what are they? The current choice just for you

Our car transporting services are ready to offer several ways of car transportation that can satisfy all the wishes of the client.

Open carriers are a simple, affordable and extremely fast service. Cars are transported collectively - from 5 pieces, and the weight and dimensions of the car are completely unimportant. The machine is securely fastened one by one, and are at a safe distance. This ensures comfortable transportation without incidents, but this option is advised, mainly for budget and middle class cars, where the price of the service becomes the most important criterion.

Enclosed carriers are more thoughtful and more secure. The car is placed in a separate closed box, which is attached to the main tractor. The walls of the box are strong and impenetrable, which guarantees protection from precipitation, debris, and prying eyes. The price is slightly higher, but the comfort is also appropriate, so this service is especially favored by the premium segment.

Delivery - which one to choose?

The way you can get your car on arrival is also amenable to adjustment. For example, the standard option of car moving services is terminal delivery to one of our bases. You just have to go there to pick up your car and keys.

But targeted delivery saves the customer's time, because the car can be given at the doorstep for transportation and picked up at the destination right at home or at work. This service is somewhat more expensive, but much more convenient.

Terms of transportation

Usually delivery is limited to 14 days, but our car moving service do our best to make it even faster. However, for especially in a hurry customers, we are ready to offer express delivery in a few days. For obvious reasons, it will cost more, but you will receive the car extremely quickly and safely.

You choose our moving car service, and we give:

  • adherence to deadlines - we always comply with the deadlines, but often we place orders even faster, so that it is more convenient for you to work with us;
  • informing - the owner must always be aware of what is happening, therefore we offer free round-the-clock informing by phone and e-mail;
  • the ability to get information firsthand - you can, if necessary, call the driver and find out all the answers to all questions;
  • reliability - experience and proven transportation techniques guarantee the quality of work.

The habit of saving your budgetary energy is not bad, but an excess of zeal in this regard often leads to the fact that you run into scammers.

To protect yourself, even if you want to save your money as much as possible, choose a transport company that can provide full comfort to your car during transportation. It is important that she can distinguish herself:

  • powerful transport forces;
  • significant specialized experience;
  • a large customer network and positive reviews (they should be on independent sites);
  • good information network, etc.

We possess all these qualities and are ready to give even more, while we have services for every wallet. We do not increase prices and are always happy to find an individual approach to the client, taking into account his financial capabilities and wishes. If you want to save as much as possible, then we will offer you to transport the car on an open carrier - quickly, efficiently and reliably.

Do you have any questions? Then ask them to our managers right now.

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