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The transportation of cars from one region to another today is increasingly common for many car owners. But finding a suitable company that ship cars is sometimes very tiring: some require exorbitant prices, others cannot fully guarantee the quality of work.

Our best company to ship a car is ready to offer our services and at the same time guarantee the quality of our service. Providing services for many years, we base each transaction on a mutual written agreement of the parties, which allows us to give guarantees to the client in the safety of his property and the accuracy of fulfilling his obligations. We do not hide the real prices and create a clear tariff scale, the calculation of the cost of which is greatly simplified using online technologies. Our managers are ready to take an order around the clock, and you just have to choose the desired set of services.

How can you transport?

So that our customers can appreciate the care of them, our best company to ship car offers several options for the transportation of personal vehicles at once:

  • collective, but cheaper - we are talking about an open auto transporter, where it is immediately transported from 5 cars, driven in one direction;
  • individual - in a separate compartment, completely closed from the eyes of passers-by and the effects of climate.

An open car transporter gives the desired reliability - the cars will definitely not fall and collide with each other, but it will not be possible to protect the cargo from precipitation. For the budget car segment, this method is quite relevant, because it copes with the main tasks for little money.

The enclosed method of transportation is classified as an elite service that requires additional payments, but provides the highest degree of safety for a car, therefore it is chosen for the premium segment of vehicles.

How to deliver?

Again, here we offer you a choice. The most affordable delivery method is terminal. The client brings the car for delivery and picks it up at one of our numerous bases. This option is cheaper, but requires little attention from the client - freeing up personal time for the trip. Meanwhile, we guarantee a wide range of terminals in direct accessibility.

Door-to-door delivery becomes more convenient when the client gives and receives the car where it is convenient for him. That is, our best car shipment company adjusts to the customer's plans, saving his time and sparing personal plans.

When there is no time to wait

Our company to ship cars understands that the client does not always have the opportunity to wait 14 days for standard delivery, so we strive to speed up the process as much as possible. However, only a special service - urgent delivery will help to make delivery in 2-3 days. It can be issued even with a standard contract, if the car has not yet been sent from the base.

Why should you consider our best company to ship a car cross country?

  • We are punctual. Our work always fits into a predetermined time frame
  • We are reliable. You receive a contract, where all our responsibilities and work plan are spelled out, as well as free insurance, which guarantees our efforts and accuracy
  • We are transparent. You can always get information from our managers, you have access to auto informing by phone and e-mail, and you can also contact the drivers directly

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