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The capital of the Colorado state - Denver, is located in the central part of the "Front-Range City Corridor", on the outskirts of the Great Plains at the bottom of the Rocky Mountains' eastern slopes. Denver is one of the largest financial and industrial centers in the United States. Its geographical location, approximately midway between the megalopolises of both east and west coasts of the United States, makes it a strategically advantageous and convenient place to accommodate federal institutions, create high-tech industries, develop tourism, as well as educational, commercial, financial, and cultural programs. The Denver area is home to many US federal government agencies, and the largest state employer. Except for Washington, there are more federal employees in the Denver-Aurora-Boulder metropolis than in any other state of the country.

Auto transportation to and from Denver

Car shipping to and from Denver is cost-effective and convenient for customers. However, it is necessary for your car to be put in order before releasing it to the driver. First of all, it is necessary to avoid controversial situations and settle lawsuits if any. A round-up inspection of the vehicle has to be performed at both pickup and destination points. The car must be clean, since a dirty body can hide scratches, chips and dents, and presented to the performer as defects after transportation. A leak of oil can stain the nearby cars, which can detonate controversies. That is why there are a number of requirements for the car before loading:

  • Full battery charge
  • Cleanliness
  • Technical serviceability (if the car is not carried emergency cars or cuts);
  • Disabled security alarm
  • The tank must be filled with at least five liters of fuel;
  • The suspension of machines equipped with the regulation function should be set to transport;
  • It is necessary to remove all the mounts and antennas from the roof of the vehicle.

Our car transporting advantages

Our well-established logistics and extensive experience in the car shipping field allow us to provide our customers with the best conditions for cooperation — low prices, efficiency and warranty of the car safety. TMShipping company invites you to take advantage of the Denver car delivery service. Vehicles’ transportation from city to city is a common activity, the aim of which is to provide customers with a high-quality and reliable service, as well as inexpensive car shipping rates. We will certainly advise you on how to prepare your car for transportation.

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