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Enclosed Auto Shipping: Profitable Price, Fast Delivery To Any City

Car shipping from one city or the States of America to another is becoming more and more in demand. The advantages of auto transport enclosed services can be attributed to their relatively low cost, a wide choice of transport and the minimum amount of time that preparation takes for such cargo transportation.

In this case, the use of enclosed auto shipping makes to ensure high safety of the transported goods. It also significantly simplifiesexecution of documentation for different types of cargo during the whole journey.

TM Shipping has been involved the car transport for many years, which allowed us to create a truly unique and high-quality service for each of our customers. If you want to know the cost of trucking now, take advantage of the using of online calculator or contact our managers for advice.

Enclosed Transport Advantages:

VIP car transport – the most secure and reliable way to transport your vehicle

Ideal for Luxury, Exotic, Rare or Collector Cars – It provides the highest level of security and protection for highly prized autos, antiques, luxury and expensive sports cars. Does your vehicle require maximum security? This auto transport method would be the one to choose!
Lift Gate – To load cars with minimal ground clearance. Any car with clearance below 4 inches must be shipped in enclosed trailer with a lift-gate. Otherwise it could bottom-out on the uneven ramps of an open trailer.
Fewer Stops – Much faster delivery due to fewer stops. Enclosed trailers haul fewer vehicles than open ones; therefore drivers do not need to make as many stops and you will receive your car sooner.
Safe & Secure – Enclosed trailers have a roof and four sides, which provide safe and secure environment for your vehicle while it is in transit. It fully protects the vehicle from the weather and any potentially damaging road debris.

Enclosed Car Transport As A Universal Way Of Delivering Cars Throughout America

We select the ideal transport depending on what kind of cargo you will be transporting. We select a car in such a way that its design allows you to easily perform work on loading your car, with minimal time. There is a huge selection of different types of car transport for various cargo, from the smallest to the largest or those that require special storage conditions. The ideal transport is chosen for you regardless of which kind of cargo you are transporting.

Choice: open vs enclosed auto transport depends on the type of cargo, the duration of transportation and the conditions in which this cargo will be transported.

Open VS Enclosed Auto Transport: What Kind Of Transportation Should I Choose?

For example, universal transport includes platforms, completely closed or open only on top of the containers. These three types of transport are universal, because it allows you to transport the widest possible range of cars.

A closed container in the classic version protects your cargo only from dust and dirt, but for most loads this is quite enough. If you need to transport a cargo that has certain requirements for its transportation, then we use a completely different transport.

For example, for special cargoes are using refrigerators, thermally insulated or isothermal modes of transport.

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