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What quotes carriers can offer for classic cars shipping

Any car can be considered a fairly expensive property. So when it comes to having to entrust it to third parties, every car owner gets a little anxious. What can we say about the holders of really luxurious cars or rare exclusive models, whose classic car shipping quotes can be equated with an impressive state? Of course, such people are more discerning about the personality of their assistants, including the carrier companies, who will have to give their car for a few days or weeks.

What carriers can offer for expensive classic cars transportation

Car transportation companies are trying to adapt their service for each client. Therefore, along with low-cost transportation, where safety for cars and speed of transportation come to the fore, a VIP alternative is also offered. It becomes a closed carriage.

Closed transport is understood as transporting the machine in a separate, closed compartment. Which is made of material that will protect against any external influences, prying eyes or attempts to break into the container during transportation.

The wagon is attached by a rigid hitch to the tractor and transported along the roads absolutely safely. Only one car is placed in it, in contrast to collective transportations on open auto transporters. The auto is securely fastened inside using special fasteners.

Benefits of enclosed transportation for classic car

This service has many advantages:

  • the ability to protect the cargo from rain, ultraviolet radiation, ice, snow - all this can adversely affect the paintwork, provoke rust, etc.;
  • protection from litter flying from the track - stones can damage paint, glass, headlights;
  • a way to protect the car from prying eyes, theft - expensive cars can attract dishonest people;
  • the ability to leave your cargo in secret, even from neighbors.

Pricing for enclosed container transportation

You need to be prepared for the fact that this service will certainly cost more than open transportation. The most important thing that defines classic car shipping costs is the individuality of the carriage. For example, an open car transporter transports up to 8 cars at once. That is, all the costs of the organization, the shipping a classic car itself, employee salaries, etc., are divided equally among these owners. And in the case of closed transportation, when there is one customer, he pays for all these nuances. After all, an auto transporter is driven only for the sake of one car.

Another part of the overall classic car shipping quote is a documentary question. Taxes, insurance, etc. For example, if during open transportation, it will be enough for the client to get insurance against mistakes made by the employees of a classic car shipping company. And it is provided free of charge in large companies. In the case of expensive cars, it often comes to maximum protection of the cargo at the normal classic car shipping cost. Then you need to take out additional insurance. In which case, it will cover losses in any accidents that caused damage to a valuable cargo, not through the fault of the company itself.

Part of the price for classic car shipping services will be the delivery details. For example, VIP clients often want to make shipping classic cars invisible to the eyes of other people, so they abandon terminals in favor of home delivery. Then the driver of the car transporter picks up the car at the agreed place and delivers it there.

If the owner wants to speed up the classic car shipping process, then he will also have to pay a little extra for this. However, in this case, delivery will be accelerated several times, which will make the service even more comfortable and safer.

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