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Shipping my car across the country

Delays in car delivery, loss of a vehicle on the route, problem situations. Have you encountered this? Many of these things are the result of choosing irresponsible shipping of your car cross country. Fortunately, many unpleasant situations can be avoided by paying attention to a few important points. Today we will tell you how to choose a reliable carrier.

What to look for when choosing a carrier?

It is logical that companies that have been in the market for more than two years are more reliable than those with two months of experience. It is worth looking at how much experience our potential trucker has.

Looking at the situation on the transport market, most customers will probably shout that the most important thing is the tariff. Of course, the rate is absolutely necessary. It can eat up all the margin, making the transaction pointless. So, if you do not know what to look for when choosing a carrier, we rush to your aid.


If we love gambling, we can ignore checking this document, but I think it would be nice to get compensation in case of unforeseen circumstances. This possibility is provided by the responsibility of the carrier - insurance against non-performance or unreliable performance of multiple cars across the country.

What is important in this regard from the client's point of view? Undoubtedly, the validity, insurance value, territorial volume, as well as exceptions and special conditions. By familiarizing yourself with your carrier's policies, you can avoid many problems in the future.


Commercial transportation of cars is possible only after obtaining the appropriate license. We can distribute licenses for domestic transport and international transport. It is worth checking the expiration date of this license and whether it has been revoked, for example due to the loss of good reputation of the person driving the vehicle.

Tracking system

Constant monitoring of the vehicle that shipping my car cross country is the best way to ensure the safety of transportation. The introduction of telematics solutions significantly increases the safety of all road users. Constant monitoring of the truck driver's behavior allows you to respond immediately to changes in the road situation. The telematics system allows direct contact with the driver of the vehicle and inform him about future obstacles, which greatly facilitates and speeds up transport. So find out what fleet tracking solutions exist for the carrier you want to deal with.

Car park

We recommend working directly with a transport company that has its own fleet and a permanent team of drivers. By choosing this solution, you can see the vehicles in person and do not risk delaying your order. There are also no problems with the transfer of responsibility from the transport company to the carrier and vice versa, in case of adverse events.

Additional Services

Managing shipping your car across a country with two drivers significantly speeds up delivery times - especially when it comes to international routes. If the destination of your goods is far away, ask the carrier about the possibility of appointing two drivers for shipping my car across the country. This will not only speed up the execution of the order, but also increase its safety - in case of illness of one driver, another driver can safely deliver the goods to the destination.

Take advantage of our offer

Our trucking organization specializes in shipping my car across the country, motorcycles and agricultural machinery. Thanks to many years of experience in the field of logistics, we are able to provide our customers with the highest quality services, which means security of goods. If you are looking for a responsible carrier that puts in the first place not only temporary profits, but long-term cooperation and reliable execution of orders - contact us. Together we are shipping your car across the country safely - right to your destination.

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