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The situation when the owner does not have much time or intention to complete the formalities and transport his vehicle is much more common. Therefore, more and more drivers turn to certain trucking companies.

Such organizations take responsibility for transportation, preparation of the necessary documentation, reliable fastening - all this so that the car is safely delivered to the customer. However, for such conveniences and opportunities sometimes you have to pay quite a lot.

Of course, such services affect the general pricing policy of the company, so we recommend understanding what the cost of road transport depends on.

What is taken into account when setting the price?

Route and kilometers. As a rule, shipping cost for cars is calculated by the conversion factor for the kilometers traveled and the specific route. Due to this, the customer bears the costs depending on how far the car travels. This is an ideal solution for people who only need transportation within a certain city, which means that the final fee is relatively low.

Order fulfillment day. It is worth mentioning that there is a price list that turns into hours. So, no matter which way the company goes, we will incur a predetermined cost. The rate can be hourly or daily. Writing about the cost of transportation, it is impossible not to mention that trucking is much more expensive on weekends or holidays. Sometimes the increase reaches 50%, which is why it is so important to pay attention to the price list of each company.

Delivery time. If you need to immediately transport your vehicle to the chosen place, you can use the service, which is available in almost every company - it's express delivery. However, a quick arrival at a specific place entails a higher order fee than a regular delivery, which takes several days.

Type of shipment. Open and closed types play an important role in the formation of shipping costs for a car. The first method is inexpensive, as the trailer can carry several other vehicles with your car, and the costs for shipping a car are shared between the owners. You should not save on the second type of transportation if you need to transport a rare, precious or luxury car. This offer is much more expensive, as the car is transported on a single closed body, which protects it from excessive attention from the weather, bad weather, dust, damage and theft.

Technical equipment. To secure the vehicle, you need two people - one of them enters the car, and the other provides information on how far to drive. However, shipping costs for cars may vary depending on the complexity of the order. Therefore, if you need to transport a non-working vehicle, you need to understand that it will cost more, because to load such a car on the body, you need not only people but also special equipment.

Individual cost. In order for the company to calculate the exact cost of transportation, you need to provide them with detailed information about the car model, its functionality, size or weight of the cargo. The order itself must be performed professionally and thoughtfully, so the more information the organization receives from you, the better they will be prepared for work and estimate the cost for shipping the car.

Insurance. A car carrier does not always have a technical inspection and insurance, so driving such a car can be dangerous and expensive for our pockets. It is best to entrust your vehicle to a company that has proper insurance that guarantees you compensation for damages.

Transportation outside the country. In this situation, when you need to say: how much it costs to bring a car - depends on the country from which it is originally delivered. The cost of transportation also depends on the number of kilometers and the type of route traveled. Truckers usually choose highways, so you have to consider additional fees. After all, the type and condition of the car and the company we choose are also important.

Conclusion: what determines the company's price estimate?

Frankly, transportation costs will continue to rise. It seems that any of the above factors will not suddenly begin to decline in price. Of course, the methods of self-calculation do not cover the issue of payment for the service - the final agreement on shipping cost for car is usually concluded through a contract or using a freight rate. In the contract method, the carrier decides the price based on its own calculations, which means that the price of transportation may be different in each case. Therefore, we recommend that you first pay attention not to cost for shipping cars, but to quality!

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