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Features of shipping cars in containers

Car transportation is not a new service, but for many car owners it has become a real discovery. Carrier companies make life easier for holders of movable property and help to make it mobile, regardless of the state of the car and the distance.

What is the containers car transportation service

Carriers organize the transportation of customers' cars, without involving the forces of the car itself. That is, not on its wheels, but with the help of huge tractors - car shipping container. They allow you to transport up to 8 cars at once absolutely safely and quickly.

The advantages of using the service are as follows:

  • the odometer indicator does not wind up - it is especially important when buying and selling;
  • the risk of accidents and breakdowns on the way is reduced;
  • the time for receiving the goods is reduced;
  • there is a guarantee of the safety of the car on the way.

This service can be useful when selling a car in another region, buying from a car dealership in another city. It is also very important in case of a breakdown for a huge distance to the house. If necessary, deliver many vehicles at once, etc.

What are the auto transporters

There are two types of car shipping containers. The first is open platforms. With their help, it is possible to have a lot of shipping car in container at once - up to 8 pieces. Moreover, each of them is securely fastened, which reduces the likelihood of a collision of the load with each other, overturning, etc.

The second is closed containers. This is a personalized trailer on wheels where one car is transported. Such car container shipping has walls made of dense material and reliable locks.

Features of transportation in enclosed containers

If everything is clear enough with the first type of auto transporter. They can be seen very often on the highways, and they no longer surprise car owners. But the closed options are somewhat different from their counterparts.

As already mentioned, they can shipping cars in containers, only one car. This car is securely fastened inside, and the trailer itself is fixed to the tractor with a rigid hitch. This makes it possible to exclude options for causing damage to the cargo, even in the event of unforeseen situations on the road.

What's the difference? Only that the car is hidden from view? Yes, this too. In addition, the cargo is protected from small litter from the road, pebbles that fly from under the wheels, sunny colors, rain, snow, ice. All this is less scary for budget cars, but for luxury cars or rare, exclusive positions, it can become fundamentally important.

That is why this type of shipping container for cars is chosen for expensive cars that need to create a special microclimate and overestimate the level of safety as much as possible. Of course, an ordinary car can also be transported in a container, but this is financially unprofitable. Closed transportation costs several times more, because the tractor needs to be driven only for the sake of one car. And the costs of ensuring cargo protection are several times higher.

Enclosed transportation speed

Enclosed transportation, despite its advantages, has one feature. It is often impossible to order it by express delivery. Such a shipping a car in a container must be planned in detail, choose the time when such a car will be free, and send the cargo on the way. And the essence of fast delivery is that the customer's car is wedged into the next - already grouped trip on a large collective car transporter.

But closed transportation can be supplemented with home delivery in order to keep your luxurious car inside shipping container secret from everyone. The driver of the car transporter will bring it to any convenient place and unload it in front of the owner.

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