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Shipping cars from one state to another state

When planning to contact a carrier company, the client must first of all check its reliability. A valuable cargo, such as a beloved car, requires special attention. The more expensive a vehicle that needs shipping a car from state to state, the more carefully its owner needs to select a company. Some business class cars, rare and even collectible cars can cost a fortune to entrust such a treasure to any road carrier is not just unreasonable, but akin to a crime. Therefore, the question of choice is very acute.

But not only rare and expensive cars require attention. For some car enthusiasts, their iron horse is more expensive than all luxury cars, so its safety is a top priority. In such cases, it is necessary to look for a company with experience and reputation in the market. Reputable carriers are companies with a wide network of terminals within the country, experienced personnel who are able to solve any questions and problems quickly and at a high level. The presence of a representative office abroad is another indicator of a high-class company. If a carrier works with several countries, its rating is even higher. The presence of foreign branches indicates the presence in the company of international lawyers, customs specialists who have knowledge not only in the field of car shipping from state to state, but also in other states.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. You need to choose a transport company according to many criteria, observing certain rules. You need to talk about them in detail.

Choosing a carrier for state to state cars shipping: how not to make a mistake

First you need to study the website of the road carrier. Its maximum informational content speaks of the openness of the company. The presence of photographs of auto transporters, the real address of the office, and not just email, contacts not only of the sales department of the service, but also of someone from the management - these are all advantages that you must pay attention to.

Then you need to find reviews about the carrier, not only on its pages, but also on other specialized resources. After carefully reading what the clients write, note for yourself the specified details of particular interest. Then, when negotiating with a representative or manager, you need to clarify for yourself all the controversial points. If the client is serious about choosing a contractor, he receives the service of the level that he expects.

  1. No verbal agreements. Words are words, even if they are correct and persuasive. It is necessary to mark everything in the documentation, down to the smallest detail. All obligations and rights of each participant in the transaction must be clearly recorded and described. If an unforeseen situation occurs or the rights of one of the parties are violated, only the document will help restore justice. The following points are prescribed in the contract: time and route of shipping cars state to state, price and all additional conditions, whether it is closed or open mode of transportation, delivery to the door or terminal, etc. If the company offers cooperation without observing all the legal subtleties, you need to refuse right there. You can lose not only finances spent on shipping cars from state to state, but also the cargo itself.
  2. Insurance - client and property protection. Insurance is another area of ​​protection. If the contract protects the rights of the parties, then the insurance protects the client's property. Reputable companies will not undertake the execution of an order without this document. Even more, in addition to the main policy, which the company must provide free of charge, it will help to issue an additional one. It will protect property from unforeseen circumstances: natural disaster, climatic cataclysm, human factor. The company also fully assumes the company all obligations for the preparation of documentation that will accompany the cargo.
  3. Customer orientation. A company that understands that the client is worried about his cargo and its integrity pays each the required attention. Therefore, they are ready to offer the client several options for the provision of services. There are several auto transporters to choose from, the type of transportation, which was already discussed above, the address and delivery time. Choice is one of the main attributes of a reliable company. For her, each client is important, and his requirements are the main priority.
  4. Car park. It's hard to believe, but many shipping companies do not have their own technical base and even auto transporters for the implementation of a shipping car from state to state. Such firms are nothing more than intermediaries between the customer and the contractor. Collaborating through such a company can be dangerous. She cannot have complete information about the state of the auto transporters, their technical readiness to fulfill the order. When they were serviced or inspected, how long have important parts and consumables been replaced. The company that owns its fleet is responsible for each car that performs state to state car shipping, because their serviceability means safety, fulfillment of obligations, and therefore reputation, and most importantly, income. Therefore, such a company can always, upon request, provide the client with documents confirming the serviceability of the car transporter.
  5. Service openness. Car shipping state to state is not a matter of one day. Sometimes a car can be on the road for a week, or even more. A client who is worried about his valuable cargo can request data from the carrier about the location of his car. A company focused on open cooperation will provide all the information. For this, there are satellite technologies that the performer uses for their own purposes. Data can be paid or free. It is advisable to pay more attention to those who send a notification or give access to tracking without payment. This means that the firm understands its customer

The list turned out to be impressive, but it doesn't take a lot of time to check the company on all points. If you are not too lazy to monitor all the offers on the market, there will certainly be firms that meet all these requirements.

Why choose shipping car from state to state with TMShipping

Because we meet the selection criteria:

  • We take into account all the wishes of the client in the contract;
  • We optimize the route to minimize financial and time costs;
  • Taking into account your requirements, we will offer an open or closed way of shipping car state to state;
  • We will shorten the delivery time to a minimum, we can guarantee express transportation within the country and abroad;
  • We cooperate with the best insurance companies;
  • A wide network of terminals allows us to deliver cars anywhere;
  • Every day you will receive a notification by the selected method (SMS or email) detailing the location of your car and the time that the car will still be on the way.

Our clients can always count on us. They calmly go about their business while their cargo travels safely to its destination. The most modern car transporters with an improved mounting system are operated by real professionals with many years of experience in such special equipment. Each of them knows all the features of a particular route, so he can always avoid difficult situations.

We can transport any car. Every cargo is valuable to us. We transport used cars, rarities, collectibles, and new cars. We are responsible for each car and guarantee its safety. A reliable carrier company not only promises, but fulfills its obligations - this is the main thing in our business.

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