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Exotic car shipping across USA with TMShipping company

Shipping exotic cars is not easy. It is required to select an honest, responsible, accurate carrier who understands all the details of the process and is ready to take responsibility for the rather expensive property of the client. But especially the issue of trust in a car company exotic shipping is exacerbated when it is necessary to transport not just a car, but a whole fortune. Luxurious, rare cars with huge value require a special approach. Failure to comply with safety rules can cost the carrier huge losses and loss of reputation. What are the features of this procedure?

How expensive exotic cars are transported

Traditionally, cars are transported on large plateaus. Often these can be seen on bypass roads, when the cars are driven by a huge trailer, with an open body. Sometimes they are one floor, and sometimes two at once. This type of transportation is usually called open. As for the safety of the cargo, it is in no way inferior to other exotic car shipping methods, but this way it is not possible to protect the transported cargo from:

  • dust and dirt;
  • small stones;
  • the glances of passers-by;
  • unnecessary unloading during transit stops.

In order not to damage expensive parts, glass, paintwork, it is important to give the trailer body clearer boundaries - the walls. Therefore, in this case, exotic car shipping enclosed will be organized. It happens a little differently and has more serious degrees of protection of valuable cargo.

Enclosed carriage features and capabilities for exotic cars shipping

Covered exotic car shipping is carried out using a car, which has a trailer with an individual compartment for car transportation instead of a body. The machine is transported one at a time and must be secured with all the necessary clips inside. In addition, the rigid hitch between the tractor and the cargo compartment will prevent them from colliding, even on sharp turns.

The car in the carrier is completely safe. It is not influenced by external factors, it is not afraid of climatic troubles. And most importantly, the elite car is transported without unnecessary onlookers. The compartment itself is securely closed to burglars.

What other nuances can the transportation of expensive cars have?

Transporters understand perfectly well: the owner of such movable property is very demanding, but not only to the conditions of car exotic shipping sports, but also to its terms. He is not ready to wait two whole weeks for the car to go from point A to point B. Therefore, transport companies can offer an alternative - express delivery. It allows you to get a car in a matter of days, regardless of the distance. This option of timing, of course, will require additional payment. However, owners would rather overpay than risk their car.

How quickly such transportation can be arranged should be clarified. The legal, logistic and transport capabilities of the exotic car shipping company will play a role here.

There is one more important aspect - the place of transfer and receipt of the car. In the standard point to point exotic car shipping service reliable - this happens in the terminal. The client brings his car to the nearest collection point and gives it away for transportation. And upon the expiration of the term, he picks it up at another terminal, near point B.

Such conventions do not suit the owners of luxury cars. Customers really do not like the fact that the car needs to be driven, left in the parking lot of the terminal and missed the moment of loading. Therefore, it is proposed to arrange door-to-door delivery. The car will be loaded in any convenient place for the client in front of his eyes. And they will deliver to the right place to unload with him.

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