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Shipping car overseas cost

If you need to transport a car, seek the help of a professional transport company. Regardless of your situation, outside help will save you time, effort and money. You will be able to go about your business when your vehicle travels safely to its destination on specialized equipment.

However, before choosing a company, you should be aware of several basic aspects, the most important of which is car shipping overseas cost. When planning the departure of the car and the choice of transport, you must take into account a number of circumstances that shape the cost of transportation. So, let's talk about this in more detail.

The cost of transportation

I would like the cost of transportation to be a small percentage, but there are cases when there is no choice and you have to pay for the delivery of goods with a very high overseas car shipping cost. The circumstances mentioned today must be taken into account when choosing transport, because if the sender is interested in delivery speed, he will choose between air and road, and if his goal is minimal costs, then his choice will be limited to water transport.

Despite this, road transport with the help of specialized equipment on the road system is the most convenient and cost-effective way. And to get a quality service, you need to realize what shapes its cost of shipping a car overseas. It is the information that will help you avoid the troubles that can be caused by the company's savings at one or another stage of the order. Therefore, today's conversation will concern the tariff plans of companies that provide wheeled vehicles.

Criteria that form the shipping cost for cars overseas

There are certain standards for a company's personal expenses, one of which is called the general system. The main elements of the whole system are depreciation deductions (depreciation of vehicles, depreciation of other main components), material and energy costs (fuel, oil and engine oil consumption, tire wear), external services (fleet operation and maintenance), salary, social security , taxes, and other expenses. The preliminary criteria are summed, so companies calculate the cost of their services.


The relative share of each cost fluctuates over time. For example, the cost of car shipping overseas for fuel in 2019 was different from what we have today. Similarly, the relative share of drivers' wages varies depending on the year and the economic situation of the country.


High demand in key seasons can increase shipping a car overseas costs on some routes, as even carriers need vacations. There are seasonal changes that can affect the shipping cost of your car, sometimes dramatically. For example, it can be difficult to book and more expensive to deliver a vehicle before Christmas, New Year or Easter.

Saving is a big mistake

In any case, you should not save on the experience of the company and its professionalism, because only a competent carrier can guarantee you a reliable service. Your car must be properly insured during transportation so that in case of adverse situations, the company will reimburse you for repair costs.

Remember, if you want to save on choosing a company, you may encounter a situation that will bring you much more costs than you wanted to save. Cost for shipping a car overseas can vary depending on the chosen transport company, route, type, weight and size of the car being transported, etc. However, the most important issue is to find a transport company that performs its task well. It is possible that he will pick up your car on the way back from another task (instead of returning empty). It is also possible that the company will benefit from adding your car to open transportation if it has a large truck that holds several vehicles.

If you find such a company, you have a good chance to get a significant discount and pay much less than standard rates. The shipping a car overseas cost in this section refers to the average value for this type of service, where the car owner very often finds a carrier returning with a tow truck "empty". As a result, they are 30% -60% lower than the standard price list offers. The cost of shipping cars overseas is described by us concerning the order for transportation of only one car.

When placing the car on the tow truck, first of all, we make sure that it is straight, and the part with the engine is placed in front, so that all the weight is transferred to the rear of the truck. Note that in most cars, the power unit is at the front. When loading the car on the tow truck companies use the help of several people who do not allow the car to slip. Then all wheels are immobilized using straps for their fastening.

The cost of shipping car overseas is an average statistic. If you want to evaluate the exact transport of your car, you can do so very easily by contacting our company's hotline. Just call and tell the operators the route and make of the car, after which you will receive shipping cars overseas cost, which is regularly transported by cars on different routes.


However, we must remember that the choice of a transport company based only on its pricing policy is not the only criterion. It is necessary to choose professionals, because of quality, reliability and safety. By randomly selecting an inexperienced company, the cost of transporting the car may increase due to damage or unforeseen accidents. Therefore, shipping car overseas cost or relocation should not be the only factor that determines the right choice. You need to consider more. We hope that the above topics related to the cost of vehicles will help you choose a reliable carrier with the best price list and a good reputation.

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