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Customers usually find the task of transporting cars relatively simple, one that does not require complex processes and resources. However, contrary to appearance, this is not an easy task, especially when estimating the cost of transportation. Analysis and organization of the route on which the load will pass, and all related logistics processes belong to specialized enterprises, which include competent workers and fleets with the necessary equipment. Regardless of the size of the machine, the method of scheduling loading on a trailer is quite common and similar. However, with the right kind of planning, you can still save instant shipping quote car.

What is included in the cost of road transport?

This is influenced by several main factors, let's consider them

Type of trucking

Of course, those who need to deliver a rare, precious car will have to pay more using a closed trailer. But, for example, if you need to transport a regular vehicle, you can use trucks with an open body, where in addition to your car can accommodate several other cars. It is also important to emphasize that the total amount of transportation of this vehicle is affected by all orders from different customers, which, depending on the scale of operations, the cost is distributed among themselves. The exception is when the fleet is operated exclusively for a specific customer.


You can insure your cargo or entrust the car to the company that transports it. The carrier itself does not insure the cars they deliver, but they are responsible for their delivery, so this form is cheaper than product insurance.

Nuances of cargo

As you know, all costs per kilometer, loading time, as well as costs associated with the provision of the car, are distributed to the owner who ordered the carriage. But, it often happens that additional services need to be added to the load of a non-functional car. For example, loading and unloading with special equipment. Of course, this brings new costs.

Distance and flight planning

The cost of road transport largely depends on the distance between the starting point and destination. This fact is logical and clear: the greater the distance, the greater the number of borders that need to be overcome, thus increasing the amount of fuel, increasing the driver's salary, and all this affects the cost of transportation.

However, car shipping quote instant does not increase in parallel with the distance traveled, but is calculated individually. Therefore, from a logistical point of view, it is easier and cheaper to plan a car flight in advance.

International transportation

International transport is known to involve crossing borders, so additional costs should be considered. This often means that short-distance car delivery to several countries can be much more expensive than long-distance transport, but within one country. In the case of international transport, a higher qualification of the driver is also required, whose working hours are also paid differently.

What is a shipping cost calculator?

Shipping cost calculator is a software solution designed to provide users with car shipping instant quote and service details in a readable and understandable format. This is a step towards automating a process that would otherwise be performed by a haulier to respond to a customer's request for car shipping quotes instant and services.

The main advantage of developing a delivery calculator is to take into account all the factors that affect fluctuations in the cost of delivery. This usually includes the formation of instant car shipping quotes, as well as operational information about the time, place of departure and destination, available delivery services. From the point of view of trucking, the calculator provides transparency of the market in what not all carriers are interested in.

As a rule, the minimum requirements for the calculation and display of appropriate delivery options include: the origin of the vehicle, the destination, the readiness for the date of departure and the type of cargo. In addition, for more advanced shipping calculators, you can send a request and compare offers at different service levels, including services such as pickup and door-to-door delivery or customs clearance.

How does demand affect road transport?

We would like to inform the visitors of this informative page that the demand for trucking also plays an important role in determining instant quote car shipping. Shortly before the crisis, when industrial growth was felt, the demand for carrier services continued to grow, which led to an increase in the cost of transportation. As the industry began to experience a crisis, the need for transport services decreased, which also led to a drop in instant quotes for car shipping. This is a standard situation where companies, in order to attract more customers, have started to reduce car shipping instant quotes. Therefore, first of all pay attention not to the instant car shipping quote, but to the quality of services provided.

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