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Car shipping company reviews for US auto transportation

Transportation of cars by car transporters has become a very relevant service lately. Many owners of movable property are happy to forget about unsafe car transfers and entrust their cars to the hands of professionals. However, not all companies in the specialized market are qualified enough to organize a full-fledged secure service. What to do with it? How to find a company: by car shipping company reviews or trust your intuition?

Signs of a reliable auto carrier company

Of course, when choosing between reviews car shipping companies and your intuition, it is better to trust the actual facts. We can say that reviews of car shipping companies sometimes cheat, but here it is important to be smarter and spend a little time studying the topic. A car shipping company review read on an independent review platform is more valuable. You can also use forums or social networks. It is important to understand that good companies sometimes do not get very good marks. However, there should be fewer bad reviews than good ones.

In addition, pay attention to the fact that the carrier:

  • worked legally - had all the permits for the activity (usually they are posted on the site in the form of scanned copies);
  • had sufficient experience - young companies may be missing details or not have their own transport capabilities;
  • carried out not only local, but also international transportation - such organizations have wider partnerships and interagency ties.

Cars transport forces

A serious, reliable company should have their own. It is not worth working with organizations that transfer the technical share of the service, i.e. the transportation itself to third parties. Such cooperation is not safe. The client will not be given full guarantees of the safety of the cargo, because nothing is known about the condition of the third party's vehicles.

The variety of transport forces also speaks volumes. Large specialized companies always have two types of car transporters in stock:

  • enclosed;
  • open.

They allow you to organize any transportation, regardless of the distance, type of car or personal wishes of the client.

Shipping cars service variability

This is also a speaking factor. Each carrier wants to interest the client, providing maximum convenience. Therefore, it is allowed to convert a standard service, of course, not without a surcharge.

For example, delivery can be shortened in time if the customer is interested in this. So a couple of weeks of waiting can be replaced by several days. Which in some cases is extremely important for the client.

In addition, different loading and unloading options can be offered. The classic is the terminal. That is, the client brings and picks up his car on the basis of the company. With a small surcharge, the driver of the car transporter can do it for him, i.e. drive up to the desired place by truck to pick up the cargo and then give it also to the address.

And, of course, a reliable carrier will not leave a client without notifications about the progress of work. Experienced organizations do this free of charge by sending daily alerts to the customer by phone or email.

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