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What is a bill of lading in auto shipment?

What is a bill of lading in auto shipment?

Bill of lading in shipping is a document confirming the fact of transportation. This is not an ordinary check that you can just throw away. It acts as a contract between the participants of the carriage. The document guarantees the receipt of quality services, compliance with the obligations of both parties.

The presence of vehicle bill of lading indicates the reliability of the company. Therefore, give preference only to carriers that comply with this. Our company provides this one, so you can be sure that the vehicle will arrive on time, in good condition. Below we will tell you more about what else the car transport bill of lading gives you.

Auto transport invoice: quality assurance

Carriers that provide auto carrier bill of lading understand the extent of responsibility. They guarantee high quality delivery, vehicle safety, and are responsible for the car during the entire delivery period.

Vehicle transport bill of lading: possibility of claim

Allows to prove the fact of transportation. Thus, if there is damage to the car, you may require coverage of repair costs. This will help to protect yourself from the risk of losing money.

Bill of lading for auto carriers: refund

If the services were provided poorly or were not provided, with the car carrier bill of lading you have the opportunity to demand a refund. The absence of a document deprives any rights, since there is no confirmation of the fact of the provision of services.

How bill of lading form for car transport is used today

Car transport bill of lading form - a term that came from shipping. However, today it is widely used for various types of freight transport.

Auto transport bill of lading is used by transport companies, it indicates the transported goods, characteristics, number of vehicles. This is the document that the recipient signs upon receipt of the goods. Both parties receive a copy confirming the fact of delivery and guarantee compliance with all obligations.

What is the bill of lading in shipping: functions

This is an official document issued by the carrier and allows you to identify the vehicle being sent. Its functions are no different from any other bill of lading for shipping. Please note that to sign auto transport bill of lading form is necessary only after a full inspection of the vehicle.


Your nerves will remain in order with us. Throughout the delivery period, we will notify you by phone or email about the status of the transportation process. We also provide the phone number of the driver responsible for transporting your car. This means that you can call him and find out where the car is at any time.


When ordering services from us, you get free insurance. This is a prerequisite for cooperation with carriers, which guarantees you quality fulfillment of obligations. Still have questions? Then get a free consultation from real experts. Operators are in touch and are ready to provide comprehensive information support.

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