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Cars transportation from one point to another

Cars transportation from one point to another

Any transportation cars from one point to another is associated with the risk of damage. Therefore, many customers, while waiting for the delivery of a car, are concerned about the relative quality of the delivery service. However, when contacting the company, such fears will be in vain. Delivery of the car will be carried out not only in compliance with safety conditions, but also in a short time. 

How much does the transportation cost?

The company provides turnkey services. This means that the specialists carry out all the actions required for the car transporter to the client. In doing so, you get low prices. So, the cost of the provided service depends on the size of the car, as well as the duration of its movement. Also, overloading of cars from one type of transport to another is taken into account.

The cost includes services of warehouse storage, customs and other operations. However, the price of the service is always negotiated in advance and does not change during the execution.

In addition, customers can use a free, convenient transportation of car pricing tool. This is a calculator available on the website of our company.

Our advantages

The presented services are provided on simple and favorable terms for clients.

The delivery time is important. The maximum period is two weeks. However, the company is making every effort to shorten this period. In doing so, we notify you about transport cars. For your convenience, you can choose to send notifications to the email address or SMS messages;

The safe conditions of car transportation are respected. Therefore, you can entrust our company with moving a premium car. For example, you can deliver vehicles in a closed way. This protects the cars in the best way from external influences and excludes the formation of mechanical damage in the form of scratches or dents;

We have compulsory free insurance of transported vehicles, as well as turnkey paperwork. All operations are performed by professional specialists, which allows our clients to completely relax and not worry about anything;

The possibility of urgent delivery is provided. In this case, car transporters will be carried out on a tight schedule with priority given to the car.

We guarantee a fixed cost of this service and compliance with the agreed delivery time.

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