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Open and closed trailers for carrying cars

Open and closed trailers for carrying cars

Are you planning to transport a car from one point to another? Most likely, you did not think that there are various types of trucks and trailers used for transportation. In this article, we will talk in detail about the types, differences and advantages and what type of transportation was only used over short distances.

Open and closed trailers for cars transportation

Open. Visually resembles a trailer on which cars are placed. There is a large number of varieties, but what unites them is that cars are transported under the influence of the environment. This is a standard form of transportation, which allows you to transport a car efficiently and inexpensively. The most popular in the industry. The drivers of these trucks undergo special training, which ensures maximum safety. They have knowledge of how to properly secure and protect the car.

Closed. It is less commonly used in practice. It is a carrier with walls and a top. This allows you to isolate vehicles from the road. Owners of expensive cars, vintage or classic, prefer this delivery method. The key advantage of these car carriers’ trailers is their reliable protection against environmental impacts.

Open and closed car transport trailers are the only types that are known for today. However, they have many sub-types. More on this below.

Open car trailers transporters:

  • Single vehicle hotshot car trailers transporters. A trailer that is connected to a double-acting truck. Designed to transport one car or truck.
  • Single – level multi-car trailers Used to transport several cars at once. They can transport from 2 to 6 cars at a time.
  • Multi-level, multi-vehicle trailers. The most popular type of open transport. This is a multi-level trailer that puts a lot of cars at the same time. When ordering a car transport trailer, most likely this particular type of carrier will arrive to you.

Closed trailers for cars transportation:

  • A single-level, single-vehicle enclosed auto transport trailer. As a rule, it is used for the transportation of very valuable cars over short distances.
  • A single-level, multi-vehicle enclosed car carrier trailers. Designed to transport more than one car. They are placed in one row and are reliably protected from the environment.
  • A multi-level, multi-vehicle enclosed trailer. It accommodates 2 rows of cars. Such trailers are pulled with the help of reliable semi-trailers.

The cost of transportation differs significantly depending on the car and the type of carrier that you choose. For an accurate price calculation, use the calculator or contact the managers for an individual calculation.

Each of these types has its own advantages and is better suited to solve certain problems.
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