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Standard shipping terms and conditions

Standard shipping terms and conditions

Auto delivery is a complex process that requires special knowledge. Improper transportation can damage the load, cause various damage. Therefore, if you need to deliver a car from point A to point B, it is better to give preference to companies engaged in contract car hauling. Make sure the company has enough experience to provide the right quality services. To do this, study the reviews, take an interest in the reputation on the network and among friends.

We are experts in the field of transportation. During this time, we made happy thousands of customers, delivered a huge number of cars of various classes and price segments. We offer various services to provide the best shipping transportation terms for our customers.

Delivery times are in accordance with auto transport contract

Delivery time depends on several factors. This is where the cargo is sent from and where it should be delivered. Interstate shipping usually takes about 2 weeks. We try to do it much faster, but you should count on these lines. Our company offers favorable carrier shipping terms. To clarify the information about the delivery of your car, please contact our operators by phone indicated on the site. If you want to get home delivery, then separate door to door terms and conditions apply.

Why do you choose us?

Our support is available 24/7. Operators will notify you throughout the delivery time of the location of your vehicle. The notification comes by e-mail or by phone. We are constantly improving for your comfort, so we are working on creating a functionality that allows you to track the location of vehicles in real time. You can also always contact the responsible driver for the carriage of your car to find out what at stage is the standard terms and conditions for shipping. You can just relax and do your own thing with us, instead of being constantly in stress.

Many years of experience in car hauling contracts

We have been on the market for many years, so we know the features of various types of transport. During this time, we transported a huge variety of cars of various classes and brands. Our experts will arrange car carrier contracts for competent and reliable transportation. Your vehicle will be insured and in maximum safety.

Reliable terms and conditions of transportation

We work exclusively with trusted carriers who have proven themselves to be successful transportations over many years. This allows to make ready auto transport dispatch on time, and ensures high quality. Your vehicle will be delivered to you on time and in the same condition in which you delivered it to us. Each carrier is thoroughly tested before starting work and we conclude a car transport contract, which makes it possible to guarantee absolute reliability.

To learn more about transport terms and conditions, please contact us in any convenient way. Supports are always in touch, ready to provide comprehensive assistance. Do you want to know the cost of transportation? Our managers will individually calculate the tariff plan for your delivery. You can also do this yourself on the site using the online calculator. Just enter the options and specifications of your car.

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