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Features of vintage car shipping

Features of vintage car shipping

Vintage car transport is something unique, a thing associated with valuable memories. Therefore, it is of particular importance to the owner. It is a matter of desire for the people you pass by and your personal pride. It is always pleasant to show it to friends and tell a couple of stories related to the car. Transportation of such vehicles requires special knowledge, special care. After all, restoration costs a lot, and emotional damage will be much greater if something happens to this car.

Transportation of vintage cars is a painstaking process requiring care and attention. For this reason, before cooperation, make sure that the carrier has enough experience to transport your precious car. Check if they have all the necessary certificates and insurance for working with vintage cars. Please note that insurance coverage should be higher than that of conventional vehicles because a vintage car cannot be replaced.

Ask your transport company for a copy of your insurance certificate. Re-read the contract carefully and consider whether all items meet your requirements. All stages of transportation must be indicated in the contract and this must be monitored.

As a rule, companies offer two types of transportation - open and closed. The first is substantially cheaper. However, we recommend choosing the second one. Enclosed vintage car transporter provides maximum safety, prevent debris and damage due to mechanical and environmental influences. This car is your soul, so choose the right transportation to maintain its integrity.

  • When transmitting a car to a company, you should receive a report detailing its condition. The presence of scratches, dents and other damage. Save the document until you receive your vehicle. This will help to check the integrity of the car and in case of disputes to have documentary evidence of correctness.
  • When the car arrives, inspect it carefully. Check for any new damages, write them in the report and ask the driver to sign it. Therefore, you can easily contact the transport company on this issue.


To ensure the integrity of the car, it is necessary to entrust the transportation to the hands of experienced professionals. You can find out the degree of competency through the documents, reviews of other customers on the Internet. Study the terms of the contract carefully and do not save on vintage car transport service. Repair is more expensive than quality transportation.

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