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Auto enclosed transport in the USA

Auto enclosed transport in the USA

A car is an expensive item, so it needs special attention, especially when it comes to open-type transport. For such cases, we prepared auto enclosed transport. This means that the shipment will be as safe as possible, protecting the cargo from damage, the negative effects of the environment.

We will take into account all your wishes and necessary terms. Cooperation with reliable carriers with many years of experience allows us to provide services at a high level. We always manage to comply with the delivery dates of enclosed vehicle transport, to guarantee the fulfillment of these promises. Specialists will prepare the necessary documentation and insurance for legal transportation and will inform you about the status throughout the entire time until we transfer the keys to the car to the owner.

Direct communication with the driver

We strive to make the service even better and more convenient, therefore we left open communication with the carrier. If necessary, you can call the driver directly and clarify the details of the transportation.


During the transportation process, our specialists will notify you of the shipment status. Notifications come to your phone number or email.

Prompt delivery of enclosed transport car

There is an express delivery service that provides transportation of a vehicle in the shortest possible time. Your application receives a special priority and is processed as quickly as possible. This often requires redirection of other cars, which increases the cost of services. This ensures that the shipment is received on time.

Transportation of personal items

Solve several issues using transportation services. You can send up to 100 pounds of cargo with personal items in the trunk for free. Remember that safety is paramount for us, therefore, according to standards, the driver has the right to check the contents of baggage. This is necessary in order to ensure the absence of illegal cargo.

Why choose us enclosed auto transport?

Additional vehicle protection.
A key disadvantage of open type transportation is vehicle pollution. Bad weather, dust, trash - all this can stain the car. However, the use of additional protection can effectively resolve this issue.

Experienced driver

Carriage of classic and luxury requires special knowledge from carriers. Only this can make the transportation truly high quality. We work with carriers capable of guaranteeing this.

Competent insurance

Experienced carriers provide high insurance limits. At the same time, our experts preliminarily carry out the necessary verification. What makes transportation safe. If the cost of your transport is higher than $ 50,000, we recommend giving preference to closed transport.

Guaranteed delivery

We care about each client, and we understand the importance of timely delivery of enclosed car shipping. Therefore, if your car is a participant in races, shows or competitions, you can not worry about the timely receipt of goods. Want to book a guaranteed transfer? Then write or call us right now.

Professional approach

The company has a compliance department, which is responsible for checking and controlling the carriers that deliver exotic cars. So we can be sure that we are working with the best of the best and claim it to you.

Door delivery enclosed car transport

No more wasting precious time. Your car will be picked up from the door at one point and delivered the car enclosed transport to another, also to the door. Just pre-inform about the possibility of parking and whether there is enough space for unloading a car.

Lightweight covered car transport

We have thousands of satisfied customers and successfully delivered goods. In view of this, we can guarantee the high quality of the services provided, regardless of the type of vehicle. Get the best service at an affordable price with us.

Loyalty program: enclosed car carriers

We value our customers by offering the best service. In view of this, repeated transportations are made at special prices. When sending the goods for the second time, you get special prices that you can find out from our managers. To do this, just call the phone number listed on the site.

Carriage of the car most often causes stress among owners. This is due to the relatively high cost of transport and the fear of damage during delivery. Choosing us, you can forget about it. We are an enclosed auto transport company, which cooperates with the best carriers in the field, who know their business 100%. In the process of transportation, the actual location is provided by SMS or email, reliable insurance and affordable prices.

Additional consultation and acceptance of applications on the website or by phone. The calculation of the shipping cost of enclosed shipping car is carried out by the manager or using the calculator on our website.

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