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Military discount auto transport: movement control

Military discount auto transport: movement control

Looking for a reliable company for big discount auto movers vehicles? Then you should contact us. We provide maximum convenience and safety of transportation. You will save time and money, because we work directly with the best carriers that have proven themselves to be successful in multiple shipments.

You can apply for transportation or calculate the cost of services on our website. To do this, just enter the technical specifications of the car and the delivery point. There is discount auto shipping for our regular customers. You can learn about the details of the loyalty program by phone from our operators.

Why are we better?

You no longer need to worry about the safety of the car with our alert service. We will notify you of the location of the cargo throughout the transportation process. Choose a method convenient for yourself - a message by phone or email, and be constantly in the know about finding a vehicle. We provide each client with the phone number of the responsible driver. Therefore, you can find out by yourself at what stage the departure is.

Auto transport military discount: pre-visit examination

Before you pass the car to our specialist, inspect it for integrity. After which we will draw up an act of admission. This can significantly save time, as it is not required to resort to inspection services. In addition, it is a guarantee for you that you will receive the car in complete safety. After all, the current state of the car will be recorded.

Military discount auto shipping: door to door

To save time, we have developed a special service Door to door. This means that your car will be taken from home and delivered directly to the door. You do not need to transport the car to the terminal yourself. Plus, this saves time and your car is delivered faster. Since delays often occur precisely in the terminal, in the process of waiting for the accumulation of a sufficient number of vehicles for transportation. In order to use the service, it is enough to give the keys to our driver and expect your cargo in the place of vehicle shipping military (discount).

Car shipping military discount: comprehensive services

You do not need to understand the specifics of paperwork required for proper shipping vehicles military discount. It is enough to trust experienced professionals who are experts in this industry. We will correctly execute all the papers. Just give us the keys and the car, and we will take care of the organizational issues.

Car relocation service: saving on luggage

We take care of you, and take the lean to your means. Therefore, as part of a military discount vehicle shipping, you can deliver up to 100 pounds of cargo with personal belongings. Just put them in the trunk. Please note the transportation of prohibited goods is not allowed. The driver has the right to double-check the contents of the trunk.

Shipping cars military discount: insurance

No need to take out insurance yourself. When ordering services from us, it is included in the price. This ensures that the car will be delivered in safety. For further advice, contact our operators at any convenient time. Calculation of the cost of services is carried out by phone or using a calculator. To do this, just enter the vehicle options and destination. Please note that regular shipping is subject to car shipping military discounts.

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