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Rates to ship a car with TMshipping

Rates to ship a car with TMshipping

A car is an expensive purchase, so its transportation requires special attention. This is what stress is associated with when it comes to moving to another region. However, everything is not at all scary when you hand the matter over to experienced specialists. This allows you to stay calm and look forward to future changes.

Our many years of experience allows us to ensure reliable car transportation, taking care of all the nuances. We know what documents are required for transportation, provide each client with insurance and comply with the agreed deadlines. Shipping car quote is calculated individually and depends on a huge number of criteria. In order to find out the exact cost of shipping a car, contact the supports by phone or use the convenient car shipping calculator.

Car quote shipping: why do people choose us?


Transportation takes about 2 weeks, but our experts do everything possible so that you receive your cargo as soon as possible. At the same time, we recommend focusing on a period of 14 days. To find out the exact terms of delivery, contact the supports by phone listed on the site.


We constantly report the current location of the cargo. Consultants around the clock to ensure reliable transportation and comfort. Supports will notify you of their arrival several times a day. You can choose the most convenient communication channel - email or mobile phone.

Many years of experience

Car transportation is our profile. This is what we do best and can safely call ourselves professionals. Over the years, we have gained invaluable experience, which we are ready to use for your good. This allows us to provide reliable transportation of cars of various classes and dimensions. Specialists will competently select the appropriate transportation method and provide comprehensive advice. We will take into account all the details so that your transport will be delivered as soon as possible, at the best rates for shipping a car and without a single damage.

Cost of car shipping: safety

We work exclusively with trusted drivers who pass planned inspection. A special department monitors compliance with all safety standards, the availability of documents for transportation. Each transportation is an established process, involving a number of mandatory steps that provide maximum reliability. Our activity is aimed at creating maximum convenience and a high degree of customer satisfaction. We comply with the deadlines, each car arrives in integrity and safety.

Express delivery

If you want to save, then pre-booking is the best option. However, when you need to quickly deliver transport from point A to point B, urgent transportation is ideal. Despite the fact that the quote shipping car will be higher, you will receive the goods on time and very quickly. Hand things over to true professionals and your plans will not be ruined. If you have any unforeseen circumstances and want to change the delivery method from usual to urgent, contact the operators to reissue the application. If your car has not already been shipped, we can change the transportation method.

Different types of transport

There are a huge number of types of transportation. Each of them is most relevant for certain types of cars. For example, if we are talking about low ship car cost, then open transport is considered the most profitable. Those who need to transport luxury and classic cars, it is better to choose a closed view. This will help to protect the vehicle from the negative effects of the environment and debris from the outside.

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